How to Fix Windows Stuck While Configuring Updates

Windows offers various new features on its regular updates, but it becomes annoying when it gets stuck during the configuration process of the update. During these times, it is advised to wait for some time while the system configures Windows.

Regular Windows updates are necessary for system stability and its performance too. They enhances the speed and the quality of your work, but sometimes it flashes various issues resulting from them the windows stuck during configuration. When the system faces Windows stuck issues in the configuration process, it shows various stuck issues such as: Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete, don’t turn off the device.” The device stuck on this message that seems a very annoying issue. In this case, the user is unable to access the Window and its related features.

In case, you are also among those users who face such issue; then it is directed to pursue these instructions:

Windows Stuck Issue with Multiple Configuration Messages

Configuration Windows stuck problems is a severe issue that frustrates the users totally.  Various messages suddenly stuck on the windows configuration process. Read these popular messages that usually faces stuck issues:

  • “Configuring Windows Updates Won’t Finish.”
  • “Configuring Windows Updates Restart loop.”

Such messages also appear as reverting changes or taking too much time to configure. If that’s the case, then it is recommended to fix this stuck issue by following ways:

Waiting for the Configuration Process to Finish

Usually, every update or configuration process needs some time to process the result on your device, and the update message also mentions the users to wait patiently for the complete process.  The stipulated time duration is not mentioned anywhere, but generally, it may take from a bit up to over two hours. Some devices require the update time up to thirty minutes for the process to complete.

Some users tend to switch off the device as they think that the process is frozen, and it won’t work, but don’t do the same. You have to wait patiently for the complete process to finish.

Detaching USB Cords from the Device

Sometimes, removing USB cables can solve this Windows configuration stuck issues on your device.  USB acts as an external device, just like used in various gadgets for connecting it. Unplug all the unnecessary cords (USB) from the main device on which you are experiencing the issue of Windows stuck or update issue.

Switching the Device Off and then Restart

  • First and foremost, hold and tap the power tab for some time until the device gets switched OFF.
  • Then, wait for some time and then turn it On.

Running the Device in Safe Mode

  • In the beginning, hit the Advanced Startup page.
  • Now, hit the Troubleshoot option.
  • Then, press the Advanced Options tab.
  • After that, tap on the “Startup Settings” option there.
  • Now, restart the device.
  • When the system fully restarted, it will show various options on your screen, hit the F5 tab there to launch the Safe Mode.
  • Now, reboot the device once more and smooth functioning of Windows 10.

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