Xero is popular cloud-based accounting software which is empowered especially for small and medium-sized business organizations to manage all financial accounts and related queries and keep track of daily works. In earlier days, business owners make all their efforts in tracking the expenses them and some checks related issues, but Xero resolves all the issues and help users in managing all their profits and loss, balance sheet and many others.

Many times, users may encounter many errors or issues related to Xero accounting software. No need to worry, these errors are quite common and can be resolved by anyone. In all the common error or issues, one such error is ‘Xero Error Code 500’. Usually, the Xero error code 500 occurs on the screen when the users are trying to finish their outstanding vat returns and pressing the ‘Account Transaction’ tab with the key bank accounts. Whenever the error code 500 occurs, it shows an error message on the screen which says; “Sorry, something went wrong” error message or Error Code 500″.

Generally, this Xero error code  500 triggers when users have open so many operations on the screen or use some special characters in the text fields and some massive records. However, we suggest you to try the below-given steps to resolve the Xero error code 500 without any trouble or creating a hurdle for yourself. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix Xero Error Code 500

If you are encountering the same issue or Xero Error Code 500 again and again, we suggest you follow the below-given steps helps you in resolving the error code 500. But remember that you have to follow the steps in the given sequence to avert trouble and create any hurdle. Here how to do it:

Ensure you Clean all Cache and Cookies from the System

If you want to troubleshoot this error code 500, then try to clean or clear all the cookies and cache available in the system. However, this will creates certain that unwanted data which has collected in your computer system during the time users are using the web browser is cleared up. For resolving the error code 500, you must have to clear all the cookies and cache sporadically. Thus your Xero accounting software starts working effectively and efficiently.

Again try to Log in to your Xero Book-keeping Software

Whenever any users have logged in to the Xero bookkeeping software by using any saved bookmark in your web browser, in this case, we will advise users that either they will refresh the present session or close all the sessions permanently and again start the Xero software from the beginning. For doing it, you need to close all the files which are opened on the system and then log out from your Xero account. After that, try to sign in again with the Xero account and check the Xero error code 500 fixed or persists.

However, after trying the following methods, you will surely get the solutions of resolving the error code 500 without facing any trouble or error.

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