How to Fix Youtube Not Working Issue?

Youtube stops working at times without any significant issue. It is indeed very frustrating to see such sudden problems. Some people noticed that in mid-October 2018 Youtube got really down and stayed for almost an hour. Sometimes other things happen such as an internet connection will top showing up the videos smoothly. It can happen that it may not display them. Follow the below-given tips and fix these problems:

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Just start your app, browser and your device again

Restart things. On an iPad, iPhone and Android, take help of YouTube application. Go to the browser and enter and see whether the videos are being played in the browser. Launch “Youtube app” and give it a try again. Just quit the browser if you are accessing Youtube through a browser on a system or it can be mobile. Just head towards the browser and write Many of the temporary issues will get resolved by this. If nothing works well then just restart your device. Off your tablet, phone and computer. Hold on for some time. Give power to your device. Wait for some time till your device gets done with the startup process.

From Team YouTube, check the Twitter updates

You will get a fresh update form this account. When youtube faces many troubles, this account has all the updates regarding the delay. When the October issue took place, @TeamYouTube thanked for the updates regarding YouTube TV, Music and other matters.

Check the network connection

Ensure your access to the Internet. Go to the browser and then Search something to know about validation of the Internet attachment. If you have enabled aeroplane mode then will allow it because it cuts down internet access. Connect your device to Wi-Fi. If nothing is working then just restart the router. Wait until your router gets connected to the net. Check the Internet speed. A slow internet can lead to a poor connection. Go for the run speed test. With a high-resolution video, you need high internet speed.

Update the browser, app, device or the router.

Update your software to fix YouTube connection. Keep on checking for the Youtube app updates.


  • Click App store.
  • Go to updates.
  • Update all.
  • Install available updates.

On Android

  • We have the same process.
  • Go to the Play Store.
  • Click the Menu.
  • Click My apps and games.
  • Click Update all.

Use Chrome

Chrome is a necessity. Just install the Chrome Browser. Try to get connected to along with Chrome. However, Google manages systems; these can work well together. Just go to, choose Download Chrome and install the proper Chrome version.

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