How to Force Dark Mode on Any Website on Chrome?

The newest Chrome 78 is coming up with the built-in dark mode feature. The previous version of the Chrome browser also has a dark theme mode, however, only some websites are compatible with it. Most of the websites do not support Chrome’s dark mode. The new dark mode can turn the text and the images white. The feature is very much similar to the iPhone’s Smart Invert feature. In this article, we are going to tell how to access the Force Dark Mode feature.


Why Use Dark Mode While Browsing the Web? 

Dark mode is a simple tool or feature that switches the background color to black. The primary benefits of dark mode in devices are:

  • Protects eyes from the bright light.
  • Extended Battery Life
  • looks so cozy
  • Reduces the Blue lights

How to Use Dark Mode for All Websites in Chrome

If you want to enable the Dark Mode for all websites on the Google Chrome browser, then you have come to the right place. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the dark mode in your browser:

  1. In order to enable the feature, first, you need to open the hidden flags in the Chrome browser. To do this, simply type “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and then hit the Enter key.
  2. Once you are there, you can see a search bar to look for a specific option or flag. You need to search for the “Dark Mode” option.
  3. Now look for the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” option. It should be located on the top.
  4. When you have the option on the screen, tap the Default option, and then a drop-down menu will show up.
  5. Choose the Enabled option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Now, if you have opened any other tab and have the data stored in the dialogue boxes, then save them all.
  7. Restart the browser, and all the data will be deleted.
  8. Hit the Relaunch button to see the applied settings. This will restart the browser to get the full effect of dark mode. It will only take a few seconds or a minute.

After the browser restarts, you will see all websites in the night theme. If the browser looks weird in the dark mode, then you can pull back the settings just by navigating to the flags options.

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