How to forward Telstra (Bigpond) emails to another account?

Email forwarding is an essential tool for reducing the workload as it makes it so easier to simply forward an email rather than writing all those emails and sending them one by one. In order to forward an email, you have to follow the instruction which will be provided below:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Now, Go to the setting options.
  • Choose the Auto Forward in the mail.
  • To start the auto-forward, select it.
  • Provide the user email where the selected email is needed to be forwarded.
  • Select Done, and the email will be forwarded.
  • There is also an option to forward the email to multiple addresses at once. You just have to add all email addresses and separate them with a comma in between.

The instruction is very clear and simple to follow, so customers should be able to forward any email to desired email addresses. Please get in touch with our Bigpond Customer Service Number for more assistance.


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