How To Gain Users’ Trust With Uber For Babysitters App?

The babysitter’s app is a flourishing sector with new contenders every day. It would be a great choice to invest in an on-demand babysitters app. According to the business wire, 66% of the parents would pay more for a sitter with better training skills. The main attribute that people for in an app is a trustworthy service, so that should key focus while building Uber for babysitters app.

Features to include to increase trust among parents

Approve mechanism for sitters: Have a thorough verification process to check for the credentials of the sitters. These should include aspects like background check, a portfolio submission, previous experience proof, and identity verification. If the sitters have the authentic details, then they can be part of the application.
Ratings and review: Users can go through the reviews section before booking the service. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 91% of the millennials take decisions based on online reviews. It will impact users’ decision-making if they found positive feedback given to a particular sitter by fellow users.
Community: In the community, users can directly communicate with nannies and other fellow parents. Apart from that, on-demand babysitter apps can post information that would be useful for parents.
Video chat options: Parents can see their kids through in-app video call features. It can also act as communication channels for parents to specify the kids’ dietary and other requirements to assigned nannies.


The entire concept of babysitters app revolves around guardianship, so with these features, you can offer a safe medium for parents to get nannies. Appdupe provides a readymade on-demand babysitting app with all the salient features offered by major apps. Connect with our team, lay down your specification, and get the clone app according to your business requirements.

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