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Garbit’s advantage is to familiarize with the offensive system of Bruce Arians. The first show in 2011 was the first for the Jasper Tiger, and after the 49 people had three years. In 2017, he joined the red tones coached at Aliis, starting 5 games. His last first playing is in 2018, when he is Titan.

Perhaps after led the lion in 11 years, only the reasons for Stafford did have abandoned. Although there will be many old four-point guards this year, 32-year-old Stafford can still have huge trading value.

The general manager of the Lion denied the team intentional trading quartz-SMS – Stafford
After the start of the tour, the four-point guards Matthew Stafford attracted many guesses in the future of the Detroit Lion. Many people think that the lions who have spent the exploration show is the first quarter of the giving.

eagles-10-jackson-blue-JerseyI don’t talk about the problem of thrilling, Smith has contributed a first-class performance in his 4 years of career. In addition to being banned in the 2014 season, other seasonal success rates are all in all 3 -4 Five-four outer lines are five, he and JJ. Watwatt and von Miller are the most efficient homage of the league.

The three-degree selection of professional bowls and the best lineup in 2016 was NFL since 2015, the only player who won the ball for at least 400 hugs for 30 times. He is also the only one in the past four seasons in the past four seasons. Every season, at least 95 hugging players. But the data in the last season may affect his value in the free player market in the excellent safety and health of this year.

US time Monday, Philadelphia management announced that they signed Tibo, but what is the difference now? Perhaps Kelly wants to build a four-point guard list? Or Kelly feels a lot of quadrant to ensure a first start?

Second, Quiin and coach Matt – Patric Patricia must achieve good results in the 2020 season, otherwise the two may be fried squid. Even a new first quarter-off can enhance the lion offensive group, Stafford is still most likely to lead the lion to win, especially if it is not affected by the injury, Stafford has played his best in recent years. Performance.

This career entered the sixth year of running guards after being cut by Pittsburgh, he added a patriot after the Pittsburgh steelman last November last year, and he played a core role in the tour of the patriot. After the 11-game competition of the effective steel, Bront rushed out 281 yards hit the opponent defensive group in the last five games of the Patriot Convention. He rushed out of 189 yards in the three games of Bill Belichick.

This ban is very short, but if Brunte can finally leave the team, his absence will make the patriot in this position. Stevan Ridley and Shan Vereen have been left to the team, only Jonas Gray, Gray, www.Defiendetusalud.Org Brandon, Brandon Bolden and James – Defolin can follow the heavy responsibility. Patriotes may need to add new runs through the draft.

49 people have lost weight during this year, and many mainlores are lost. He is also a core player in the 49-person defensive front line. The top four are Justin Smith, Patrick-Willy Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, and Ray McDonald. The departure of Smith will have a small impact on 49 people’s rushing strength. When he last season, he successfully occupied 51% of the four-point guards, and I want to find it. His replacement is not easy.

In addition, if the lion intends to pick a future first quarter-off in the draft, then retain Stafford makes him a reasonable decision for a one-year mentor. Moreover, if you pay the Stafford before the draft date, then other teams that need to pick four-point guard may be traded up to the list to pick up the quarter-saving of the lion.

Exclude Unstable Passing Ability, Tibo helped wild horses to gain the qualifications for the US semi-final, and then Kelly is this evaluation: “I am looking for a quadrant, he can run itself, but also will pass Ball, his arms need to be able to defeat your opponent, and we are not Tiibo type team, I don’t want my quarter to run 20 strong rush. ”

However, the biggest obstacle to the transaction is that salary. In December last year, the lions reailed Stafford’s contract and converted the team bonus into a signature bonus. This decision allows the lion to save 9 million US dollars this year. But this also means that if Stafford is cut off or traded this year, the lion needs to bear a redundant salary space of $ 32 million. If Stafford is stayed in Detroit, he only accounts for $ 2.1.3 million. The price of this $ 10.7 million shows that even if the end of the end of the end of Stafford is affected by injuries, the lion still plans to let him stay in the 2020 season.

I feel that the giant will make Collins a free player and panicked for this. However, in the future, the two sides in the contract negotiations are definitely happening. It is not that simple to find the solution.

NFL official website reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the Giants may put the privilege label for Collins before the deadline of March 5. But Collins may not immediately sign a privileged label contract and may not participate in the spring and summer training to seek a long.

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