How To Gather Attention Towards Your Shelf?

According to studies, nearly half of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. In other words, many customers enter a store unsure of what they want. They require assistance making a decision. Your staff is the most obvious resource they can turn to but informative, well organized Shelf signage  is also an important part of the process.


A good sign  does more than draw attention to your product, they indicate to the customer what kind of products they are likely to find in the area and some of the differences between them. A shelf talker is a small, hinged sign that juts out from a shelving unit, allowing customers to read it as they pass by..


So, what is it that makes a shelf talker effective? The five suggestions below will assist you in creating an eye-catching shelf talker that sells.


  1. Make It Readable –Your shelf talker should not require consumers to squint to read it. Make sure all typefaces are bold and legible from a distance. Use the colors black, red, and white because they are easier to read.


  1. Keep It Brief– There isn’t much room on a shelf talker. So keep your message brief and to the point. Concentrate your copy on a single benefit or unique selling point.


  1. Use Power Words– Power words are aneffective advertising tool. These words entice shoppers to pick up the product and learn more about it. These words include free, extra, special, exclusive, #1, premium, and new.


  1. Minimal Graphics– Graphics are great, but not at the expense of your message. Images and pictures frequently work against the effective delivery of your message. Make certain that the artwork chosen highlights, rather than obscures, your message.



We carry  three popular shapes, and  four colors of shelf maker. Shelf makers are signs that snap into the grooves on the edge of store shelves. If desired, we can also add double-sided tape or custom shapes.




Setting up a display in your store can draw shoppers’ attention. Visual displays break up the monotony of product lined  shelves, giving shoppers a fresh perspective on what you have to offer. Feel free to read through some of our previous posts on how to set up product displays in a retail environment.



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