How to Gauge Your Pain Level From Home

People who are seeking Houston pain management doctors should consider gauging their level of pain from home before coming in for pain intervention. This will often help kick-start the process of treatment by giving the doctor some good information to start with. Let’s go ahead and cover how you can gauge your level of pain from home.

Using the VAS Scale From 1 – 10

At clinics like Performance Pain Houston, the VAS is often used for measuring pain levels since it is a simple scale from 1 – 10. If you clock in at a 1, your pain is almost nonexistent, whereas 10 would be the point where you cannot continue with the pain at all and it is completely unbearable.

The NRS Rating from 1 – 100

Although the VAS scale is suitable, the NRS rating is often viewed as better since it goes from 1 to 100 as opposed to just 10. Just like the VAS scale, this level of pain is based on personal perceptions and therefore can differ from person to person who has the same level of pain. It is viewed as better by many since it is more precise.

Take a Quiz

Various questionnaires can help you determine your level of pain from home. The MPG questionnaire, for example, has a lot of research to back up its accuracy. Some other quizzes to check out also include the ODI, and BPI questionnaires. Quizzes are a great way to

Ask Yourself

You have probably dealt with a lot of pain throughout your lifetime. This makes you a good source for determining how much pain you are in. Compare your current experience with previous experiences of pain. If the situation you are in right now is too much to bear, then you might be best off seeing a pain doctor.

Thinking of Getting a Pain Intervention Soon?

If you are finished gauging your level of pain and are confident that you could benefit from a pain intervention, click here to find out more about Performance Pain Houston. This is also a great place to come if you need some help properly gauging your level of pain. We serve all types of chronic pain from head-to-toe. Come stop by today and see what we’re all about!

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