How to get a live person at United Airlines?

How to connect with a real person at United Airlines?

United is a cost-effective airline operating around the world to join numerous locations around the world. It has been popular for the customer service team because they have the required skills and are trained to provide assistance to all users. They understand the needs of its users and how to connect with them to provide the required assistance. However, its users are confused about How do I get a real person at United Airlines? It is a great method that works to provide the best services to all its customers. They enjoy it due to its availability that charges nothing to its user and can be contacted through the use of the following steps.

  • Make a phone call by dialing the contact number of the United support and gaining the current information from its live person.
  • Properly use the phone instructions given through the IVR options to gain help by contacting its customer support.
  • Press 2, know about the new flight reservations and queries related to that one.
  • Press 3, get details related to the baggage details and other rules related to this airline.
  • Press 5, and you will be able to connect with its customer service team to gain other required details.
  • Press 0, obtain the required information about the frequent flyer program of United Airlines.
  • Press #, receive the official details from the live person about its customer service team.
  • When you connect with the live person, it is possible to speak with him directly on call and obtain the necessary assistance.


With the proper usage of the method mentioned above, getting the official information from the live person of United Airlines is a feasible task. You can easily connect with its support and learn additional details about How do I get through to United Airlines? You can connect with its support by asking them to provide the required aid through the live chat or email Id methods.

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