How to get a loan from the comfort of your home?

Can you get a loan just by sitting at home? All you need is a smartphone with internet connectivity and Kosamattam Finance! Simple steps to procure a loan, transparency in the processes involved and speediness of loan disbursement are unique features that make your loan at home service effortless and pleasing. The decades-long proficiency in the field and being innovative and adaptive of the emerging technology are what makes Kosamattam Finance preferable among the public.

The steps involved in getting a gold loan at home is quite simple and are as follows:

  • Safe lock the gold ornaments you plan to pledge at Kosamattam Finance
  • Enter your details in online gold loan services page in Kosamattam Finance
  • Submit your bank account details alongside the information you shared
  • Withdraw the amount received at your bank account from Kosamattam Finance


What as advantages does loan at home (or on a larger picture online gold services) offer?


  • Anytime anywhere access to gold loan services
  • Easy documentation
  • Quick approval of loans
  • Round-the-clock online payment
  • Secured and paperless mode of transactions
  • Complete transparency
  • Security for the pledged loan


Making things easier has been Kosamattam’s forte- whether it is helping people and business with financial needs or making financial services available smoothly for anyone opting for it. During these times of social distancing and doing things remotely from places of people’s convenience, loan at home is the best offer Kosamattam Finance can give in the interest of our customers’ health care and well being. Visit Kosamattam Finance website and find the best solution for all your financial worries in a few clicks!

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