How to get a refund from Volaris Airline

When you have completed the cancellation process and wish to get a refund, by calling the Volaris Airlines Phone Number or filling out the refund form, you have to notify them to process your refund. Thus the procedure to get the refund from Volaris Airline has been described below.

  • Use the internet browser and get to the official website of Volaris Airline

  • Then click on the manage booking option.

  • On the manage booking tab, you have to enter the booking code with the passenger’s last name.

  • After this, you will have the refund option at the end of the tab; click on that.

  • Now you have to provide the details which are asked for in the refund form and then click on the submit option.

  • When you complete the refund process, you will have the confirmation message in your email and phone number.


What is the Volaris Airline refund policy?

When you apply for the refund, read its terms and conditions through which you can check the rules for the reimbursement. And the term included under the refund policy includes is such as

  • You can take a full refund if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of purchase.

  • When your flight is canceled by the airline, the refundable fare will receive the full reimbursement, and the nonrefundable fare will receive flight credit.

  • If you have made the reservation through the travel agent, you have to get in touch with them for a refund because the airline is not responsible for this booking.

  • You will receive the refund in the same manner as when purchasing the ticket.


Thus, you will not have any such issue regarding the refund, and if you do, contact Volaris Airlines Talk To A Person.

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