How to Get a Steady Stream of More 5-star Google Reviews in Your PI Practice

5 Star Reviews– It’s the Secret Sauce for Google Relevance, Ranking and Credibility with Prospective Clients.

It’s what we all want to see more of in our Law Practice- Isn’t it?

Otherwise, we are just adrift in a sea of other law firms all clamoring for attention.

Without them, we are lost in the shuffle- and many of our ideal prospective clients just pass us by on the Internet freeway.

So, Here’s the Good News: Getting More 5 Star Reviews isn’t as hard as you might think–

but you can’t leave it up to your clients-

-even your happiest and most satisfied ones.

Once your clients get their settlement disbursement- even if they are thrilled with the results- they simply “forget” to take that next step and give your firm a 5-star Google review-


Ever wondered why some lawyers have thousands of these Golden-Ticket 5 Star Reviews? I’ll let you in on a secret-

It’s not that their clients are magically more satisfied with that law firm’s work. Not. At. All.

Here’s the Real Reason:

Successful Law Firm’s that Bank these 5-Star Beauties have a System in Place.

That’s Right- Success Law Firms put into place a Process that makes it as easy as possible for their happy clients to help them out –

They don’t just hope for more Reviews.

They make it happen– and you can, too!

Successful Personal Injury Law Firms have also figured out how to avoid a few Google pitfalls, too.

Pitfalls like Bad reviews- that crush credibility and result in unnecessary clean-up efforts – (if you get a bad review- respond asap- Don’t ignore it. You can’t erase it- You can’t respond in a way that gives away client confidences. Don’t talk specifics about their case. Don’t go into excessive details. Just say you are sorry they had a less than 5-star experience, and that you deeply appreciate their feedback- and that you are deeply committed to giving every client an excellent experience. Then, move on.

Your best defense is a strong offense- so focus on getting MORE great reviews than negative ones.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide for Building More Google 5- Star Reviews for Your Personal Injury Law Practice:

This is a Simple System that You can put in place right now to start building your own steady stream of 5-Star Reviews-

Step 1) A Short Client Survey:  Start by creating a short, simple Client Survey- just a few short questions that you ask each client to answer once they get in your office at Settlement Disbursement.

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