How to Get Acorns in Pokemon Café Mix

Pokemon Café Mix is the latest video game of Pokemon Franchise. The game is based on a puzzle genre and is available for free. Gamers are managing a cafe in this game, and their staff members are Pokemons. The gamers can easily accomplish success in Pokemon Café Mix; they need to run the Café quite well. Gamers require to build a friendship with Pokemons to serve the orders correctly successfully.

Gamers who have served the order properly will get rewards in the form of Golden Acorns. The Golden Scorns is the currency of Pokemon Café Mix, and thus it is quite beneficial for the gamers because it can be used to purchase valuable hearts, moves and power-ups. In this article, we are going to help the gamers to know about Golden Acorns in more detail alongside ways to get it. The following process is quite complicated, so we advise the gamers to be aware while reading it.

How to Get Acorns

The most possible and simple way to get the Golden Acorns is to serve delicious orders in large numbers. Thus, gamers have to increase the speed of serving the orders alongside having to start increasing the number of orders. Gamers also have to focus on their staff, aka Pokemons, because their speciality is quite important to craft a delicious order. Thus, gamers have to use the Pokemon whose speciality matches with the order.

Moreover, another way of earning the Golden Acorns is to take part in the Barista Challenge. Although the challenge consists of various missions, gamers have only to accomplish three. Once gamers accomplish all the three tasks, then they will be rewarded with a huge number of Golden Acorns.

Alternatively, the simplest way of getting to Golden Acorns is to hunt it through Daily rewards. Although the daily rewards keep on changing every day; however, it usually puts Golden Acorns on the reward. The last and the easiest way is to get Golden Acorns from the game store. However, gamers have to pay a huge amount of money to get them. The store has put a deal on Golden Acorns that says they get 25,000 Golden Acorns for 19.99$. Thus, paying 20$ is not a fair deal when the gamers have so many options to get Golden Acorns. If they are eager to buy them, then they need to visit the game store’s option of Purchase to start the payment process.

It is highly up to the gamers whether which method they will choose to get Golden Acorns. It is our advice for them to keep on availing of Daily rewards alongside increasing the number of served orders and take part in Barista Challenge.


The article is here to help the gamers to know about Golden Acorns in Pokemon Café Mix. In this article, we have provided information about ways to get Golden Acorns alongside we have also mentioned about its prices in the real world. We hope all the gamers who have visited this article will find a suitable way to get Golden Acorns easily in their game and will surely find this article helpful.

Gamers who are keen to attain the gaming experience of Pokemon Café Mix can obtain it on Nintendo SwitchApp Store and Google Play.

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