How to Get Crow’s Feather in Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded is currently one of the most famous survival video games. Within one month after its release, Grounded has achieved this milestone and persists in acquiring more. Following this success, Obsidian Entertainment has rewarded gamers with the inclusion of an update in it. The update has brought several new features, and aspects in Grounded included Crow, a bird that has been added to favor the players. Crow drops several essential items to help gamers at frequent time intervals. Meanwhile, news has come forward that says Crow’s feathers can enable gamers to craft Majestics items. Now, gamers are keen to obtain the feathers of Crow; however, it is quite hard. Thus, in this article, we will help the gamers through a proper workaround to get bird feathers in Grounded.

How to Get Bird (Crow) Feathers in Grounded

The only way to get Crow’s feathers in Grounded is to follow and wait for the respective bird to shed them.  However, the molding process of birds takes place in several months, but Grounded is a video game, and the feathers of Crow plays a crucial role in crafting an essential item in it. Thus, Crow sheds its features quite often in Grounded; the only thing that players need to do is watch out giant Crow’s action.

Additionally, the best time and place to spot Crow’s feathers is during its bath because it sheds many feathers. In addition to this, gamers also require to check picnic tables, fences, or mystery machines because Crow usually visits these places.

How to Use Crow Feather in Grounded

Once players have obtained any bird or Crow feather in Grounded, they need to use an Insect Ax to cut it. After that, they can use the feather’s piece to craft the hidden items of Grounded. More importantly, several other items also needed to craft the special item; Bombardier Parts, four Spider Silk, and Ladybug Head.


It is revealed that the newly arrived Crow can help more than it seems; its feathers can help in crafting a hidden item. Although there is no information available on that hidden item yet, it is expected to be a life-changing item for Grounder’s players. In this article, we have briefed the gamers about how to get Birds, aka Crow feathers in Grounded alongside ways to use them to craft the hidden item.

Players can play Grounded on Xbox One and PC.

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