How to Get Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2

The Bungie’s perseverance has brought a whole new quest in Destiny 2, which is specially created for Devil’s Ruin. Those who are not familiar with Devil’s Ruin; it is exotic sidearm, and with this new quest, players can attain exotic laser parts along with sidearm parts. Although this new exotic is not considered to be much powerful, it contains several new and rare functions.

New Exotic Sidearm

It can execute fire move after the trigger is being pulled, and it also contains an efficient reload mechanism of the magazine which favors to carry out a huge fire beam. Players will receive a pop-up prompt on their screen regarding the availability of Devil’s Ruin soon after they log in into Destiny 2 after January 7.

It is recommended for all the players to go for this quest and attain all the essential exotic that its accomplishment is providing. Below we have prepared a properly guided workaround that will favor you to accomplish this quest with more ease and make sure that you read every bit of it carefully to get the best outcomes.

Finish Sundial

The on-screen prompt that we have discussed above states the players about initiating this quest by running the Sundial, which is the latest activity of Season and Dawn. Bungie also includes a new game mode in Destiny 2 on January 7, 2020, and is called Legend Mode. However, players assume that accomplishing the Sundial in this new game mode is a bit hard, but it can be complete with bit ease. Players need to matchmake in the Sundial by visiting the end section of rewards, and there they need to locate Devil’s Ruin. Once they locate it, they need to pick it and head straight to the Tower.

Interact with Saint-14

After accomplishing the Sundial and head to the Tower, players can encounter Saint-14 there. They need to interact with him for a few seconds, and then they will witness that they have successfully unlocked the quest’s next gate.

Finish Parts Long Lost Quest

After interacting with Saint-14 for a while, players will attain access to the next door of the quest, which is to accomplish a new quest on EDZ. This new quest is called Parts Long Lost, which can be load up by a fire team or can also complete solo. This task will teleport the players into a map of  Twilight Gap Pvp without any huddle of enemies. Their players need to locate and inflict damage to all the robots in the map region. While destroying the robots, players will hear the voices of ShaxxOsiris, and saint-14, and they need to destroy all these fallen robots to complete the quest for Devil’s Ruin.


Players can locate the Devil’s Ruin from the Inventory and thus accomplish all the exotics rewards. The process of attaining these rewards is pretty simple and can easily be finished by a solo. Although we agreed on the fact that the length of the task is pretty time conceiving, undoubtedly its process alongside accomplishment contains pretty fun aspects and rewards too. In the end, we wish that this blog will favor you to achieve your purpose successfully, and those who are new to Destiny 2 can play it on XboxOneStadiaPS4, and PC.

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