How to Get Flight Bookings to the Top USA Destinations in 2022

Regardless of whether you are travelling for work or leisure, airfare forms the most expensive part of your trip. We’ve all experienced the tiresome process of repeatedly searching for the cheapest flights to any destination, the fluctuating process and incessant notifications of websites alarming you of the increase in prices; you always end up spending more on air tickets than you previously supposed.


But what if we tell you that with the right tools and mindset, you can find cheap flights and slash your airfares by almost 50%. Unreal, right! Well, we assure you the tips discussed below are not a scam but genuine tricks of booking flights within your budget.


So, let’s go!


#1: Start researching for flights fairly early

As soon as you know that you’ll be travelling soon, that’s your cue to start looking for air tickets. First off, figure out the dates you’ll be travelling on and compare flights to multiple airports. Regularly check for the airfares on the aggregator platforms or airline websites. Also, subscribe to their newsletters; since then, you gain access to emails talking about deals and discounts on flight bookings. Whenever you feel this is the lowest price you can get, pounce on the deal and book it.


#2: Search multiple websites

Thanks to the power of the internet, as soon as you google your dates for travelling to a particular location, you’ll be bombarded with websites offering amazing deals. You can even find cheap flights flying from alternative routes, airports, and cities. This, however, complicates things for you as now you would have to spend a few hours browsing through multiple websites and looking for the best deals available.


#3: Traveling on a weekday 

Frequent travellers advice never to travel on the weekend and instead opt for a weekday. Mid-week days like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days of the week to fly, but this theory is not always correct. While it is true that Fridays are considered to be leisurely days in the airline industry, you can still save bucks while travelling on weekends. Follow these tips:

  • Do a standard search, selecting your to and fro destinations and rough dates
  • Most times, you will see a calendar that shows the average return price for nearby dates
  • Compare flights to multiple airports. Book the cheapest dates to travel, as shown on the calendar.


#4: Fly for free with points 

What if you could travel for free via the reward points on your credit cards? Well, if you didn’t know about this, then you are not using your credit cards correctly. And if you don’t have any credit cards, well, it’s time you book one for yourself. You can even sign up for an airline rewards card that allocates you points whenever you travel with that airline. These points might also include trip cancellation insurance, car rental collision damage waiver, lost luggage insurance, and no foreign transaction fees. You can redeem these points when travelling via these airlines.


#5: Avoid flying direct 

Not just your dates and destinations, but being flexible with your routes is another way to find a cheap flight. To employ this method:

  1. Find out how much it costs to go to your destination directly.
  2. Use Google Flights, type in the destination continent, and look for prices to nearby airports. If the difference is more than $150, see how much it costs to travel from your second airport to the primary destination.
  3. If the connecting flights cost less than the direct flights, choose this travel mode.

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