How to Get Help With File Explorer in Windows 10

File explorer is commonly known as windows explorer. It offers a graphical user interface and very simple or easy access to manage files saved on the entire computer, such as the library, the desktop, the system partition, and even innovative properties. Almost all Windows users open the file explorer to manage all their files. Your computer or laptop has various folders and files in different locations. In Windows 10, file explorer helps you easily access the store folders and files you may be searching. Most new users wonder, where are all my documents stored in windows 10?”. To find the documents, you have to open file explorer. If you are wondering how you can access file explorer in Windows 10, continue reading this complete blog.

File Explorer in Windows 10

How to Access Windows 10 File Explorer?

The first window 10 file explorer helps you learn how to open file explorer. There are many ways to access the windows file explorer. You can select any method for accessing:

  1. From The PC: When you open your computer, you will see an icon named “This PC” on the desktop interface. Double-click on this icon, and you will get the file explorer interface.
  2. From The Taskbar: Generally, when your computer is turned on, you can launch a few programs from the taskbar, offering that they are already locked to this operation.
  1. From Cortana: Each Windows 10 edition comes with bright assistance Cortana. If you don’t have this PC on the desktop and also don’t have file explorer on the taskbar, then go to the “Cortana Search Box” and type “File Explorer,” and then find it from the best match. Now, you can pin it to the windows start menu.
  2. From The Start Menu: Click the “Windows Start Menu,” and then you can “File Explorer” easily.
  3. From The Power User Task Menu: Press the “Windows + E” together, and the file explorer will open immediately.

Here Are Some Best Features In Windows 10 File Explorer

File explorer in windows 10 provides it with many useful features; you might be surprised if there is any tutorial on windows 10 file explorer that helps you go via all the tricks. Here you will find top features that are very popular in windows 10 file explorer:

  1. Home Tab: It appears on the upper-left side of the file explorer; the new home tab makes all the tasks and commands easier and copies a file or deletes it. You can perform it through the home tab. In Windows 10, you just need to press the “Windows + E” key to open the home tab.
  2. Share Tab: You can find the share tab on the upper-left side of the file explorer. This tab allows users to share folders and files wherever they wish with one click. For sharing the file, you have to convert the files into zip format.
  3. View Tab: With this view tab’s help, you can preview the documents and pictures by clicking on the “Preview Pane“; you can change the file preview from a small icon to a large icon.
  4. Quick Access: It is one of the latest file explorer features; with this, you can visit the folder and file which you have generally visited. It mainly has two different sections: frequent folders and recent files.
  5. One Drive: Window explorer in windows 8.1 allows users to save their files directly to one drive, but you are not able to sync the files in OneDrive with your PC.

Instructions to Pin “Frequently Used Commands” on File Explorers?

  • Go to your file explorer window; you will see a “Drop-Down” arrow at the upper-left corner. If you hover your cursor on that arrow, you will see a message saying, “Customize Quick Access Toolbar.”
  • Now, through the quick access toolbar, you get agreeable access to the commands you use.
  • To add a single command to the quick access, right-click on the “Ribbon” and choose the “Add To Quick Access Toolbar” option.
  • If you want extra space for commands, then right-click anywhere on the tab bar and select the “Show The Quick Access Toolbar Below The Ribbon” option.


After reading this full article, you now have a better understanding of Windows 10 File Explorer. In the above section, you will see easy instructions to access file explorer in windows 10 and how you can pin frequently used commands. With file explorer, you will get various features such as quick access, share tab, view tab, and many more. Hope that now you have learned how to access windows 10 file explorer.

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