How to Get Helpful Doge Charm in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Recently we have witnessed the new arrival featured in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, which facilitates the players with the customization of the weapons. Players can now customize the guns with Weapon Charm, and it can be unlocked in several ways.

Besides, players can easily unlock all the Weapon Charm except the one which is pretty intricate known as Helpful Doge Charm. The process of unlocking Helpful Doge Charm initiate with the selection of the best multiplayer mission. Players need to attain at least three fury kills or four rapid kills to accomplish the unlocking of Helpful Doge Charm.


Source: How to Get Helpful Doge Charm in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Below we have provided a specific workaround to favours the player against the challenging unlocking of Helpful Doge Charm. If you want to know about these ways, then make sure that you read all the below-gathered information carefully to get the best results.

How to Get Helpful Doge Charm?

As we have discussed above that the process for accomplishing this task is pretty tricky, but we have obtained a secure method to achieve it. Some of the essential information of this article has been derived from the Ballistic YouTube account. Players first need to select the Ground War mission for this process, and then they need to shoot all the enemies that are being spawned by them.

It is suggested to shoot them instantly as they usually hide immediately once after spawned. Although, there are several updates from the Call of Duty team to make this Helpful Doge Charm unlocking convenient for the players, and one of them is to accomplish the process by playing the Infected Match. Players need to survive them till the end of this match, and after that, they will get several chances to attain fury kills.

The Infected Matches comprises numerous amount of enemies to hinder the survivors, but still, players can easily attain three or four fury kills before their character dies. It is recommended not to use any other resort because it will lead the player towards smaller maps and thus intricate this process more.

However, the smaller maps can be used to attain FPS, which is also a significant component of the game, but players must initiate the Helpful Doge Charm. Both of these processes must be done separately, and it will only lead the player to more time conceiving because it is impossible to accomplish both of these processes at once.


After reading this article, if you are still facing issues in accomplish the Helpful Doge Charm process, then make sure that you again read all the steps carefully and give it a try one more time. There are numerous ways to accomplish this process, but it can cause you damage as the team of Modern Warfare does not officially design them. We have shared two of the best and possible ways to attain Helpful Doge Charm, and you can use anyone out of them. If you are new to the exciting world of Modern Warfare and would like to witness its gaming fun, then you can play it on any of these devices such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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