How to get it Right at the First go With the Hindu Wedding Invitation Wording Samples!

Hindu weddings are a beautiful blend of customs, traditions and rituals. The bride and the groom experience meaningful rituals which signify how sacred this bond is. When the occasion is so beautiful, the Wedding Invitation Cards too should be given the importance they deserve. Hindu Wedding Invitation Wording Samples definitely help.

When preparing for a wedding ceremony, along with the food, guest list and bride and groom apparel, there is one more thing that needs your attention – The Wedding Invitation Card. Some might overlook it, thinking that it adds little or no value. But let’s understand that it is the first impression you make about the ceremony to be, to your guests when they receive it a few months prior to the wedding date. We make think that we can just do it ourselves, but a Hindu Wedding Invitation needs to be perfect with respect to the Wordings.

Here’s a typical format of a traditional Hindu Wedding Invitation Card-

Host Line:

This is usually the first line and must include the names of people who are hosting the wedding. In Hindu weddings, it is the parents or the grandparents.

Primary Invitation Line:

This line will set the tone of the wedding, so you may decide how you want your guests to think of the wedding beforehand- is it formal, informal, classy.


This is where you write the names of the bride and the groom.

Information Line:

This line must include all the important information such as the venue details, landmarks, date, day and muhurat timings of all the events.

Closing Line:

The last line or closing line usually include either of these- ‘Compliments from ’, ‘No gifts please’, ‘Dress code is ’.

In a Hindu Wedding Invitation Card, religious phrases, quotes, symbols, verses too play an important role and must be included as per family tradition.

Few things you might want to keep in mind while deciding the wordings-

Decide whether you and your partner want a single invitation card or separate ones.

Decide the tonality of the invitation, is it formal or casual?

Decide if you want the wedding invitation card to be a traditional or a modern one.

Choose a font and colour palate for your card, since it has to suit your ceremony details.

Author Bio-

I’m Kamal Nair and I was planning my wedding exactly a year ago. My then fiancé and now husband Tanmay and I together tried to put the wedding invite together, but there were some places where we need help. helped with Hindu Wedding Invitation Wording Samples. Thank you so much!

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