How to Get New Smileys on Kik Messenger

Smileys are an excellent way to express the emotions that can’t be expressed through normal text. These smileys can turn your extremely boring chat into an exciting one. If you’re already using these smileys in your conversations, then you know this very well. But with time everything becomes uninteresting. If you’re also bored with the old smileys, get the new smileys collection. Kik allows and offers new smileys for the Kik messenger. User can add new smileys from Smiley Shop. Here is how to get new smileys on Kik messenger.


How to add new smileys from Smiley Shop in Kik Messenger

Kik points are required to get the new smileys from the Kik Shop. You can easily earn these points from your Kik app by playing games, signing up for services, answering questions, and more. Once you collect enough point, redeem your points in Smiley Store and get the smileys in exchange. To earn points, start a conversation with ‘Kikpoints’ (chatbot) and make sure to check the offers daily.

To get new smileys with your Kik points:

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    Open a conversation.

3.    Then, tap the ‘Smiley’ tab at the bottom. You’ll see the already installed smiley on your screen.

4.    Tap on the [+] button at the bottom or ‘World’ icon at the top in the Kik’s main menu.

5.    Thek tap on ‘SMILEY SHOP.’ This will open the smiley collection screen where you’ll see a list of smileys.

6.    Scroll through the smiley collection list to view more collections.

7.    When you find a smileys, you’re interested in, tap on it to view its smileys.

8.    Select a smiley you want to get. You’ll see a pop-up displaying the points required to purchase it.

9.    Tap ‘Get for [Points]’ to download the collection. Make sure you’ve sufficient Kik points to download the smileys.

10.    Tap the ‘Confirm’ button to add to your Kik messenger.

The Smiley collection will be added to your Kik app, and now you can use your new smileys in your conversations as you send the older ones. If you don’t have enough points, then instead of confirmation button you’ll see ‘Earn Kik Points’ button, click on it to earn more points.


After downloading if you’re not finding your new smileys collection, try these steps.

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    Open a conversation.

3.    Then, tap the ‘Smiley’ tab at the bottom. You’ll see the already installed smiley on your screen.

4.    Tap on the [+] button at the bottom.

5.    Find your new smiley collection in the locker and select it.

How to gift a smiley collection to a friend

On Kik messenger, you can share (gift) your purchased smileys collection with your friends or any other users. Moreover, the user you gifted the smileys can use them for free. If you want to gift your smiley collection to someone, follow these steps.

1.    Open the ‘Kik Messenger’ app.

2.    On the main screen, tap on the ‘World’ icon.

3.    Tap the ‘Lock’ icon at the top-right corner. This opens your Kik inventory. The smileys collections you download from Smiley Shop will get store in the locker.

4.    Select the smiley you want to share.

5.    Now, enter the ‘Name or Username’ of the person whom you want to gift. You can also select the user from the ‘Chatting With’ list.

6.    Type a message to add it with your gift.

7.    Then hit the ‘Send’ text.

Smiley will be sent to the receiver, now it depends on the person either he/she accept it or not. You can cancel the unaccepted gift from the locker. Open your Kik locker > tap ‘Gifts in Flight’ at the bottom > tap the ‘X’ button of the gift you want to cancel > select ‘Cancel Gift’ to confirm.

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