How to Get Proceed With Canon MG3020 Setup Process with Windows PC?

Canon PIXMA MG3020 is one such printing device that features incorporated with so many technicalities and user-friendly aspects, including an extendable paper tray. But when it comes to setting it up, many new users would usually ask, how to setup Canon MG3020 wirelessly. There are several technical barriers users may come across while proceeding through both peripheral and software installation.

How to Get Proceed With Canon MG3020 Setup Process with Windows PC

If you are too struggling with the setting up process for your new Canon PIXMA, here with our provided step-by-step breakdowns, you can learn how you can go through the Canon PIXMA MG3020 setup guidelines.

Step-By-Step Breakdowns fro Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Well, there are two parts to the setup process.

  • Being the setup process on your printer.
  • Download and set up the software on your computer for a complete setup.

Begin the Setup Process on Printer:

  • Press and hold the wireless button on your printer panel until the lamp flashes out.
  • Tap on the Color button.
  • Keep pressing the Wireless button until the Network lamp lights up.
  • Press the color button again.

Download and Install Necessary Software:

  • Head to the Canon official webpage for getting the setup file.
  • Read the information shown on the screen, and then select the Download button to start the setup. If you have been provided with the CD, you can insert it on your computer’s drive.
  • Select the Start Setup.
  • Choose the appropriate region, and then select the “Next.”
  • Select the Yes button for license agreement.
  • Choose either the Agree or Do Not Agree to the survey.
  • Select the “Next” on the Firewall Settings screen.
  • Click the “Yes” on the Connection Method screen. Your Canon model series number will appear in the setup program.
  • If the select wireless router screen appears, choose the wireless router to connect to the printer, enter the Network Key or password in the provided space, and select the “Next” to proceed.

Note: Your Network settings and the router determine whether or not the wireless router screen appears.

  • The setup process will keep on continuing. Wait for it to finish.
  • On completing the Network connection, select the “Next.”
  • Now, the setup process has been completed. Select “Next” to go into next.
  • Select any optional applications you want to add, and then select “Next.”
  • Choose the Next on the You Can Print screen.
  • Click the Next or Skip on the User Registration screen.
  • Select the Exit button to complete the installation process.

How to Get Connected with Technical Expert If There Is Any Issue?

If you have any issue regarding the Canon wireless printer setup guidelines, you can contact our technical executive professional for immediate assistance.

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