How to Get Relevant and High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the cornerstones of SEO. Achieving lots of relevant and high-quality backlinks can be amazing; however, there are various methods for doing just that.

Example: Getting backlinks from local news websites to your homepage will enhance its authority, which then spreads throughout your site.

Linkable assets

Linkable assets can be an effective way to attract backlinks from other websites, whether they take the form of infographics, blog posts, videos, downloadable tools or any other type of content format. Although creating one may take more time and money upfront, its rewards often outweigh its costs over time.

Effective linkable assets include those that add value for your target audience. Top 10 lists are especially effective at drawing in visitors from authoritative sites in your niche, while original research or statistics that apply directly to your industry are also highly effective at drawing links from influential websites.

Definitive guides and resource articles can be highly effective if they’re well written and easy to comprehend, with frequent updates as industries move quickly and trends shift rapidly. Conduct thorough market research with your audience – including competitor and trend analysis – in order to determine what their needs and wants are.

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Submitting testimonials

Testimonial link building is an efficient and low-risk strategy to expand brand recognition and search engine rankings. Businesses often feature customer testimonials on their websites in exchange for backlinks; this helps increase brand recognition while simultaneously increasing search engine rankings.

Find businesses promoting their products or services on listing websites, and ask them to include a link back to your website in their review. This strategy works especially well if the listing website boasts a high Domain Authority (DA).

Writing testimonials that are as trustworthy and credible as possible is equally as essential. The most reliable testimonials include personal details such as name/designation/title and company, along with pictures. This makes the testimonial more personal and trustworthy – subscribe to Growth Daily today to keep up on all the latest tips, tools, trends and insights driving over 40,000 CEOs/founders/marketers to success daily!

Asking bloggers to review your product or service

If your product or service is of superior quality, reach out to bloggers and ask them for reviews. This may help generate backlinks and increase visibility of your blog – just remember not to email the blogger repeatedly if they decline your request – only one email should do!

Instead, find ways to add value to their lives – for instance by providing free product samples or discount codes; media, such as high-resolution product images and trailer/pitch videos could also prove extremely valuable.

Joining online communities such as HARO can also help build your presence within your niche and foster relationships with influential bloggers while increasing your chances of being featured on blog posts – ultimately leading to increased traffic and higher rankings. Furthermore, consider hiring an outreach specialist as part of your backlinking strategies.

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Creating high-quality content

Create high-quality content and you will draw customers and search engine rankings higher, while increasing backlink opportunities. Though creating such material takes time and effort, its return can make the effort worth your while if written with engaging information tailored specifically for target audiences.

One way of doing this is using visuals such as infographics or videos. These types of content are more likely to be shared and linked-to than traditional articles with only text content.

Collaborate with other businesses to obtain high-quality backlinks. For instance, write blog posts featuring their product/service with links back to them from your site – this will increase visibility while building relationships with potential customers. Also consider exchanging social media promotion for links back to yours – an effective way of improving SEO without spending extra money!

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