How to Get Rid of Feral Cats from My Home?


This is probably the most asked question by many homeowners in Sydney. Feral cats are found across Western Australia, living in all places, including woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, residential areas, and almost all places. Feral cats are domestic cats, just like pet and stray cats. But, they differ from domestic cats as they’re not human-friendly.

These cats are re recognised by the Environment and Invasives Committee as an extreme threat category for Australia. In fact, feral cats are declared pest in Western Australia under the BAM act. A feral cat can quickly grow and eat your pet’s food and any garbage, spread diseases, and engage in conflict with dogs, cats, and other animals and children. Fortunately, there are constructive ways to deal with feral cats. Here’re a few tips to get rid of them from pest control feral cats service:-

Block Access to Food Sources

Remember, for feral cats, home is where the food is. Yes, food is where they tend to stay permanently and breed. If you leave food out for your own pets or leave unintended food sources such as open trash cans, you’re likely feeding them daily.

These cats are clever, and they will keep their place in the yard, wander over for a nibble, and return to the safe spot they have found in your place. So, make sure there’s no access to food for these cats. Nesting certain sites such as under porches and holes with basement access. Keep your garbage bag or trash can tightly covered, ensuring that they don’t have any spots to find their food sources.

If You Spot Feral Cats in Your Area, Call Feral Cat Pest Control Service Right Away

It might be tempting to get along with feral cats. But, you’re risking yourself, your neighbours, and the community as they’re not human-friendly. Your best would be to find a better solution like hiring a feral cat pest control service in Sydney.

Remember, feral cats don’t have the same behaviours as domestic pet and stray cats. They react ferociously when approached by other animals or humans. Growing, hissing, and running away are some of the defence mechanisms a feral cat will exhibit when approached to catch or attach them by humans. They’re prone to infections and spread contagious diseases as they’re not vaccinated. So, call the feral cat pest control service right away.

Use Repellent

Feral cats have keen senses of smell and taste. Commercial repellents can help discourage them from entering into your premise. You can also use natural repellents like citrus peels, coffee grounds, citrus-based sprays, ammonia-soaked rags, mustard, pepper, etc. reapply repellents after rains and longer periods for effectiveness.

Scare Them

Ultrasonic sirens, motion-activated lights, and sprinklers can all be useful in scaring and distracting feral cats.

Hope these tips from experts should help deal with feral cat infestation in your home. For further queries on feral cat pest control or termite control Sydney service, please get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

The author is a pest control specialist, offering pest control feral cats trapping services that are safe and humane. Visit for more details.

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