How to Get Rid of HP Printer Error Code 79?

A printer is a peripheral machine which creates a persistent human clear image of graphics on paper. Nowadays, there are various printer manufacturers available in the market which delivers top-quality printers across the globe. In all those printer brands, one is called HP. HP stands for Hewlett-Packard Company; it’s an American information technology company headquartered in California. HP is well-known for printers among the multifunction and compact printers with top quality services and amazing features. Using HP printers, users can easily print your documents and files with even faster speed and high-quality printing experience.

Apart from all these features, users may encounter lots of issues which create hurdle in printing experience. Though, these errors are quite common and can be found by many users. One such error is the HP Printer Error Code 79. Moreover, the error 79 is the ordinary error occurs when the print job is corrupted or due to some miscommunication between the spooler or the printer or probably occurs due to outdated firmware.

However, This HP Printer error code 79 can troubleshoot easily by simply following some fixes. Below we provide you with some troubleshooting steps which help you in resolving HP Printer error code 79 without creating any hurdle. The steps are discussed below.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 79

Below are some steps to resolve the error code 79, but these steps sometimes are more difficult and time consuming for users. If you want to follow these steps without facing any trouble, we suggest you follow the instructions in the correct sequence. Here how to do it:


  1. Firstly, by pressing the power button switch of the HP printer.
  2. Then, ensure and remove the print jobs from the system that have access to the network of the printer.
  3. After that, in the domain network, checkmark the ‘See What’s Printing’ box.
  4. Next, enter all login credentials to log in to the accounts.
  5. Now, try to remove them from the available domain network.
  6. Click on the ‘Cancel’ tab to cancel the print jobs by précised accounts.
  7. Press the ‘Add’ tab to add the HP printer in ‘Device and Printers’ list.

Check that after following method error fixed or persist. If persists, follow the next solution to troubleshoot the error.


  1. Initially, press the On/Off tab to power on the HP Printer.
  2. Make sure the printer is appropriately connected to the internet network.
  3. On the printer’s screen, press the ‘Network’ button.
  4. After that, carefully confirm the IP address of the printer. It shows 192.168.XXX.XXX then it indicates that you are connected with the home network connection.
  5. Once checked, again go to the ‘Home Screen’ and tap ‘Settings’ option.
  6. After that, choose the HP Printer Update and once check for all the latest firmware updates.
  7. Now, continuing choosing the latest updates, click on the ‘Download’ option.
  8. Next, click on the ‘Install Printer’ option.Bella Watson is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on hp printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

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