How to Get Started with Drone Photography

There are plenty of ways to get started on taking pictures with a drone. If you’re ready for an adventure, here are tips to help you out. Whether you’re doing this as a hobby, or you’re thinking about leveraging your talents for work in the future, you’ll certain to learn a lot from these pointers.

Get a Drone

Before anything else, you’ll need to get a drone. Look for one that’s right for your needs and skills. That means staying away from advanced options since they might be super-complicated for now. You could end up damaging them and that would be a shame, especially since drones aren’t cheap.

Know Your Options

When you get a drone, you’ll like choose between two types: one that comes with a built-in or add-on camera and another one to which you add the camera yourself. The first option is often bulkier, and the imaging resolution isn’t so great. The second one is smaller, and you can use a GoPro to ensure better image quality. Consider which of those options sound better for you.

Check the Manual

Be sure to read through and understand everything that’s in the manual. Follow the instructions on how to use the drone. If there’s anything you don’t understand, go online and check out forums or sites for advice. That or consult with an expert in aerial photography.

Understand the Features

What can your drone do? Make sure you understand what your drone is capable of and what each of the features are for. You want to maximize each of use one.

Learn Drone Regulations

It’s not always permissible to fly your drone, though. Check the federal, state, and local regulations concerning drones. You might need to register yours just like a car. Expect a small processing fee and the registration should proceed without any problems. Knowing the regulations will help you prevent any stiff fines or penalties that could come from violating any of those rules. Know them before you launch your camera into the air.

Get a Checklist Ready

Do a pre-flight checklist. This should include everything you need to do before your drone gets to fly. The checklist makes sure that you take measures to keep yourself, other people, and your drone safe. For instance, did you check the batteries? Are they charged up? How long can the drone stay in the air? What are the surroundings? Are there any objects that you’ll need to be careful with? Are there any structures that your drone might hit?

Check the Weather

Always be sure to check the weather. Do that in the morning and days before the scheduled shoot. Pay attention to any changes in weather, too, and be ready to pack up at the slightest sign of bad weather. Rain is the enemy of your drone. Also, if the winds are too strong, you might want to postpone the shoot.

Test Your Drone

Before you start taking photos, learn how to control and manage the drone. Test the movements and features. Learn as much as you can. When you’ve mastered the drone, that’s when you can start mastering taking photos.

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