How to Get Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption and GTA: Online

In GTA Online, the player should have weapons in his arsenal, to eradicate the foes who comes between you and your mission. As good long-barreled rifles can be used in taking out distant enemies, and small pistols can be used in the moderate distance gunfight. But when it comes to closed body combat, then the knife and hatchets are just best (As John Wick calls it the Dessert).

Red Dead Redemption

This game contains a special weapon which has the capabilities to be under the category of Dessert; Stone hatchet. In the 2018 version of the game, Rockstar created a mission where they sent players to find this allegiant piece of weaponry, which is an intangible tomahawk. This mission was created to promote an exceedingly anticipated game version release named RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. It was a different treasure hunt. Here, you don’t have to find the clues to achieve the progress, but have to capture the five bounty targets “Dead or Alive.” After this task, the location of the hatchet will be shown in GTA Online.

Players have a chance to get an extra bonus. When you completed the challenge, you have to go to hatchet and take it. Taking this piece of weapon will add $250,000 in your online GTA account — this way, this elegant piece can be taken in the Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you want to get this extra award in the GTA Online, after that you have to complete the new mini task attached to the treasure hunt. For that, you just have to complete the following steps:

Here you have to kill 25 people with the help of Stone Hatchet. This will add a reward of $250,000 in your GTA Online Account. So you can provide this information to others or just keep it to yourself to get an advantage over others. If you want to find this stone hatchet, you’ll have to follow the step given below:

  1. Login to your account in GTA Online.
  2. You will find that there is a text message by Maude.
  3. In the message, you will find the 5 location which belongs to different targets to collect the bounty.
  4. Each of these has a general radius. You have to capture or kill the target within the radius limit. If the target gets out of that radius, your sub-mission (capturing that target) will fail.
  5. After the competition of the sub-mission of capturing people for the bounty, Maude, the female character, will send you the location where you can find the Stone Hatchet.
  6. Go to the location, you have to search the location, and you will find a Lockbox there same as the box of Revolver.

This way, you will collect the Stone Hatchet for your arsenal. This can be used against for close combat and the enemy at a near distance (by throwing it towards the enemy). This is a special weapon because it is very easy to handle when it comes to swing or throw.

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