How to Get the Classic Start Menu in Windows 11

What is New in the Start Menu in Windows 11?

Interestingly, the Windows 11 Start menu is a bit different from the menu in Windows 10. As you must notice, pinned items are shown at the top with all the others accessible via an All apps option. Suggested and newest items are on at the end. The power button is to manage your computer to sleep or shut down or restart.

Classic Start Menu

Start Menu has recently added items that are available on the left, and the pinned apps are on the right. The power option is presented on the left in the classic menu, and likewise Windows10, there are no links or connections within the left panel for pictures, documents, settings, and so on.

Difference Between Windows 10 Classic Start Menu and Windows 11 New Start Menu

If you have utilized Windows 11 or Windows 10 screenshots, then you can conveniently examine the difference between the Windows 10 Start Menu and Windows 11 Start menu.

The major change that you will observe is the location and layout.

  • Firstly, in Windows 10, the Start menu is situated on the lower left side of your PC screen. On the other hand, Windows 11 is present at the bottom of your screen.
  • Secondly, there are a lot of things available in Windows 10. However, the Start menu in Windows 11 only includes three sections: the Pinned section, the User account, the power button section, and the recommendation section.

Procedure to Restore the Classic Start Menu in Windows 11 PC?

Now moving the below-presented directions, you can restore Classic Start Menu in Windows 11 through Registry Editor.

  • Foremost, you need to tap on the Search icon presented in the Taskbar.
  • Or else, you need to click on the Windows + S to open the Windows search pane.
  • Then, enter the regit and input to open the Registry Editor option.
  • Now, you have to visit the path as shown on your screen and choose the Advanced bar as given on the left side or re-press on the empty area on the right side.
  • Move ahead by double-clicking on this value you have generated to open it.
  • Now, the Value data will change to one, and lastly, you need to hit on the OK bar.
  • Or else, you can directly open the Registry Editor and click on the Windows + to open the Run bar given under the regedit option.
  • And at the end, tap on the OK option.

Directions to Change the Start Menu Back to Normal

Windows 11 fixes a new normal for the Start menu. It is not similar to the menu you utilized in Windows 10. However, a small registry tweak can make it look more like the classic Start Menu you might select.

Head to the below-directed guide to turning your Start menu back to the normal one.

  • Find the toolbar/taskbar and tap on the Search bar.
  • Now, you need to enter the Regedit option.
  • Thirdly, you have to select the Open bar whenever the Registry Editor appears on your screen.
  • Traverse here by increasing the folders from the left side of the pane.
  • Then, you need to right-tap on the Advanced option and head to the New DWORD Value option.
  • Input that code as the new value’s name and select the Enter bar to save it.
  • Furthermore, you have to double-hit on a similar value and change it to one, and then press on the OK bar.
  • Start your computer again. The fastest way to reboot Windows 11 is to right-tap the Start option and select Shutdown or sign out given below the Restart bar.

Procedure to Customize the 11 Start menu

The Settings in Windows 11 is the method you can customize what you view on the Start menu. And you can reach there by finding the Settings option and then navigating to the Personalization bar provided under the Start bar.

On that page, you can show and hide news added applications or apps; the majority utilized apps and recently opened or viewed items. Choosing which folders appear or are shown on Start allows you to toggle the visibility of the folders such as Settings, Documents, Downloads, File Explorer, Network, and more.

Pinning and unpinning Start menu items and resetting them is simply straightforward. Both the default and classic Start Menu include an Unpin from Start button when you right-press a pinned item. Hit and drag to reset how things appear, or right-tap on the default Start menu to search. Move to the top to fastly pin it as the primary item in the list.

Guide to Move to the Start Menu in Windows 11

In case you wish to move the Windows 11 Start Menu to the left side of your screen instead of the center, here is all that you need to do for the procedure:

  • To begin the procedure, you have to go to the Settings column first.
  • Secondly, hit on the Personalization bar.
  • Thirdly, you have to go to the Taskbar behaviors settings.
  • Furthermore, you must utilize the Taskbar alignment from the drop-down menu and head to the:
  • Left side to align the Start Menu and options to the left same on Windows 10.
  • Center to align the Taskbar items to the center of your screen.
  • After completing the steps, the start menu will be retransferred to the position you have chosen in the settings.
  • And you have completed the entire procedure of moving the Start Menu in Windows 11.

Steps to Switch Back to the Windows 11 Start Menu

Whenever you get all the usage and advantages of the various types of Windows 11 characteristics, you might think to utilize its built-in menu. To switch back to the Windows 11 Start menu, you must use this section:

  • Commence the process by getting on the Start button and entering regedit.
  • Go to the Registry Editor from the list available on your screen.
  • Click on the Yes to permit the Registry Editor to modernize your PC.
  • Please copy and Paste the address as it appears on your screen and presses the Enter bar.
  • Then, you need to Navigate to Start_SowClassicMode and double tap it.
  • Now to complete the whole step, you have to head to the on-screen directions correctly.

Final Verdict

Currently, Windows is continuously developing and updating its technology to complete the market’s growing requirements. While this makes for a good user experience, it is also important to include a menu that will surely help you in navigating a range of software. When you enable the classic Start Menu on a Windows 11 device, it permits you to make the most out of your computer. Surely, the above well-directed guide would have helped you to get the classic start menu and all other features available in Windows 11 Start Menu. Moreover, the Registry Editor will receive the Windows 11 menu when you are all set for the change.

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