How to Get The Gym the Rat’s Badge from NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23’s Face Scan feature 2K MT allows players to create a character which matches their own appearance without having to edit each feature available. While it’s possible that everything isn’t entirely accurate but it is a good idea to use the Face Scan feature will get players closer to the image they wish their character appear like. First step in using the Face Scan feature is downloading the app called MyNBA2K23.

The MyNBA2K23 App is available and compatible with Android as well as iPhone users. It’s free to download and has additional features such as the capability to earn game currency that can be used in an auction house like the NBA2K23 Auction House. To download the MyNBA2K23 App and face scan, players need to follow the steps below:

The best way to get exact facial data is to utilize your camera on mobile devices under an adequate light source. The camera can take photographs of the face of the person as well for greater accuracy, so they should be certain to have their appearances on the side in place.

In addition, players must remove any objects out of the camera’s view so nothing obscures the details being recorded. When players are done with the MyPlayer adjustments, they are able to begin earning a spot in the NBA and playing as one of the best players in NBA 2K23.

How to Get The Gym the Rat’s Badge from NBA 2K23

Learn how to Buy NBA 2K23 MT Safe get the Gym Rat badge in NBA 2K23, a training item that is used to increase the skills of every player who has it equipped. It is a Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23 improves the performance of players who have it equipped. It is a Gym Rat Badge grants players an ongoing boost to their attributes and removes any need for them to get fit.

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