How to Get the Perfect Vintage Wash on Your Hoodie

The vintage wash hoodie trend has been around for quite some time now, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. This trend combines the timeless style of an old school hoodie with the faded and distressed look that’s so popular today. If you’re looking to get the perfect vintage wash on your own hoodie, we have some helpful tips to guide you along the way! Check them out below!

What is a vintage wash?

Vintage wash is a term for cotton clothing that has been washed or worn in such a way as to replicate aged clothing. It is common in vintage clothing and with certain heritage companies, such as Ralph Lauren and Levi’s. So how do you make your new VS tee get that vintage look? First off, make sure it’s 100% cotton (cotton blends don’t typically age well). Then, wear it or wash it yourself. Of course, some prefer their favorite shirts/sweats/pants fresh out of the box but these clothes won’t have a vintage feel until they are worn out. Try washing them before your first wear – maybe twice if they are too stiff at first!

Choose your hoodie wisely

It’s important that you don’t just grab any old hoodie. You need one that is cut properly. If it’s too baggy or large, it won’t give you a nice vintage look once washed. You also need to pay attention to material as some fabrics take washing better than others. Check out your local thrift store or browse online for vintage hoodies; they come in a variety of washes and materials so be sure to do your research first before choosing. Of course, there are brands like VS Tees who carry a selection of quality products with an affordable price tag – perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money!

Washing your hoodie in cold water

One of your biggest concerns when it comes to washing your hoodie is making sure that it doesn’t shrink. The best way to do that is by using cold water and a gentle detergent. The reason for using cold water is because hot water causes more friction, which means that you’re more likely to damage your hoodie when it goes through a spin cycle. Hot water also reduces the elasticity of your clothes, which will prevent them from stretching over time; if you use hot water and then dry your clothes in a tumble dryer, they may not fit properly once they’re dry. If you can help it, never wash or dry-clean anything made with cotton or fleece in hot temperatures; doing so will reduce its lifespan and cause shrinking.

Air drying your hoodies is better

Air drying will also maintain your hoodies’ vintage look. The inside of a dryer causes synthetic fabrics to rub together, which increases wear and tear, while shrinkage is more likely in a hot environment. However, washing your hoodies by hand will save you money as its more cost-effective as running a load in a machine. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and much safer than pre-dryers or high heat settings for synthetic fibers. If you are tired of throwing away damaged VS tees or streetwear shirts because they shrunk after washing or drying them incorrectly, then do not use high heat when drying your clothes!

Don’t use fabric softener

Fabric softeners, even those marketed as all natural, often contain chemicals and dyes that can seep into your clothing and change their appearance like online toy stores in pakistan. These agents break down fibers and also cause fabrics to wrinkle, so wash your clothing with laundry detergent rather than fabric softener. Wash your hoodie in cold water if it is super-dirty; a warmer temperature might fade its colors or shrink it. Never use bleach or harsh detergents when washing vintage sweatshirts because they will ruin them almost instantly. Just wash vintage hoodies in cool water and lay flat or hang them up to dry.

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