How to Get Through Hardships as a Family

Over time, it’s normal for a family to experience different kinds of hardships. Most families experience more than one hardship per year. However, it’s a pretty common thing that could primarily affect how every member interacts with each other. At times like these, it’s essential to ask for help when needed. The best form of support you can get for your household is family therapy or counseling. Family counseling or therapy can help if your household is going through a rough period, whether it’s due to anxiety, rage, or loss. It can assist parents, kids, or extended relatives in improving communication and resolving issues. An expert known as a family therapist leads the sessions. They could be any person who has received additional training as a psychologist, therapist, or a social worker.

How does Family Therapy or Counseling Help?

Significant issues in your household can impact all aspects of your loved ones’ daily life. For example, you and your family members may notice problems in the workplace, school, or in daily interactions with one another. So if you realize as though your family’s problems are too heavy for you to manage and aren’t getting much better, you should see a family therapist. They could indeed assist you in developing new strategies for dealing with difficulties, disputes, and problems.


Some of the issues that family therapists can help solve are the following:

  • Family member conflicts or fights
  • Extended relatives issues
  • Children’s school problems
  • Divorce or separation
  • The mental health of family members
  • Severe illness or death of a family member
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Planning children’s shared custody
  • Addiction or substance abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Children’s behavioral issues
  • Financial issues and disagreements
  • Taking care of a family member with special needs

How to Find a Family Therapist in your Local Area

If you are trying to locate a family therapist near your area, you may want to try some of the ideas below.

  • Get in touch with your health insurance provider and see the list of available family therapists. Sometimes, it is already on their website, so make sure to check this out first.
  • Ask for a referral from your primary care doctor.
  • Take some time to browse the internet for any family therapists near your area.
  • Contact your friends and see if they have anyone they could recommend to you.
  • Visit the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy’s website to find a marriage and family therapist close to you.

How to Check if a Family Therapist is Fit for you

If you want to check if a family therapist is the right one for you and your family, make sure to ask them the following questions.

  • Do you have any experience with family therapy?
  • How many meetings do you believe we’ll require?
  • What is the location of your clinic? What are your working hours?
  • What is the cost of each session? Do I have to pay in advance, or do I pay for every meeting?
  • Do you have any expertise in dealing with the problems that our family is dealing with?
  • Do you accept my medical insurance?
  • What is the duration of each session?


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