How to Get VA Home Loan Bad Credit in Houston in 2021?


VA loans are one of the most valuable resources available to our nation’s veterans. They are available with no capital down and no private mortgage insurance or PMI. It’s a fantastic deal. You may be curious how you can get a VA Home Loan Bad Credit in Houston. We’ll answer the question below.

How Do VA Loans Work?

VA loans are the cheapest mortgages available since they are backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. They have 100% funding and do not need mortgage insurance, saving Veterans thousands of dollars a year on PMI alone. Closing prices and interest rates are both smaller than for traditional loans. If you’re a veteran, there’s no doubt that a VA loan is the right option for you.

Can You Get A VA Loan With Bad Credit?

The Department of Veterans Affairs does not require a minimum credit score to guarantee a mortgage. The VA will back the loan as long as the developer is able to finance it. The mortgage company will determine the minimum credit score for VA loans.

The majority of lenders would need a credit score of 580-620. Some lenders may be able to sell VA loans to people with poor credit. If one lender rejects your application, you can try again with another VA lender.

VA Loan Requirements

  • A minimum credit score of 580 is asked.
  • There should not be any no late charges in the last 12 months.
  • The maximum DTI ratio is 43%. (50 percent DTI in some cases).
  • 2 years of income proof.
  • Tax refunds and W2s.
  • Bank account statements from the previous two to three months.
  • You have to set aside 2 months’ worth of mortgage payments.

What Are The Compensating Factors of VA Loan with Bad Credit?

When lenders look at your credit report, they don’t just look at your score. Late fees, collection accounts, and the total amount of debt you owe are all scrutinized and taken into account. There is no such thing as a standard credit score.

A person with a 580 credit score but no recent late payments or collections is treated differently from someone with a 620 credit score but some recent late payments. The minimum credit score for VA mortgages varies by lender. However., there are a few compensating factors, read below to know that.

Compensating Factors

Compensating considerations are those that compensate for a borrower’s bad reputation. Anything that makes you borrow more, such as a low debt-to-income ratio or a high down payment, will improve the chances of having a mortgage with a low FICO score.

  • A large deposit is needed.
  • High-paying jobs term spent at the new workplace
  • The debt to income ratio is low.

Although bad credit will make obtaining a VA home loan more difficult, it does not rule out the possibility. Lenders look at items like payment history, properties, mortgages, wages, and work history in addition to credit score, so credit score isn’t the only consideration. Therefore, if you keep these things in mind, you can get VA loans with bad credit as well.



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