How to Get Woven Fiber in Grounded

Grounded a survival genre-based video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Furthermore, the story of Grounded has been inspired by a fictional novel in which people get shrunk and have to survive.

Meanwhile, gamers are striving quite hard to find a crafting agent known as Woven Fiber which helps in creating essential items. It is an essential resource in the game and the gamers will have to become familiar with it if they want to survive. Thus, in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about Woven Fiber and the ways to get it. Below we have provided a proper workaround to find and get Woven Fiber in Grounded quickly.

How to Get Woven Fiber in Grounded

Players have to initiate this process by gathering plant fibers which grow on the ground. Plant fibers are quite small in size, and thus players can quickly identify them. When gamers have collected an adequate amount of plant fibers, then they must make their way towards Field Station. Once they have reached the precise location, then they must start looking for a Resource Analyzer. Once they succeed in locating it, then instantly they must interact with it.

All of a sudden, gamers will see a place to put all the plant fibers in a Resource Analyzer; they need to place all of them inside it and proceed with the analysis of the material. Later on, gamers will see that they have gained few Raw Science that can be exchanged in return of essential items and flour recipes. Afterwards, players have to visit the Craft tab which lies near Inventory. Then, they need to access the Materials sections in which they will see that there are three plant fibers options available to craft Woven Fiber. Thus, they can select any one option and craft the Woven Fiber. Although, this process will take some time and crafting Woven Fiber through all the three options will consume even more time, but eventually, it will be useful for the players.


The article contains information on the Woven Fiber aspect of Grounded. In this article, we have provided a guide to get Woven Fiber in Grounded through the most straightforward and best way possible. We hope all the players who have visited this article will be able to get Woven Fibre. Grounded can be played on Xbox Series XXbox One and PC.

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