How to Give Your Brain a Proper Break on the Weekend

Lots of people like to brag about how much they work, wearing their stress on their sleeves like a badge of honor. But life’s too short to spend all of your time thinking about work, and if you aren’t unplugging your brain and giving it a break on the weekend, you’re missing out. If you struggle to leave work at the door, here’s how you can take a much-needed brain break this weekend.


Get Outside and Look at Plants and Stuff

The concrete jungle is the result of innovation and productivity, but if you spend all day everyday inside, you’ll lose touch with Mother Nature. And while that succulent on your desk might help a bit, it can’t replace the experience of mindlessly wandering through a park or garden and taking in the plants, fresh air, and all that good stuff. Unplug your brain, pack a snack in one of your cute tote bags, and get outside. Your brain will thank you for it.

Find Your Zen

Maybe you’re already the master of chill and love to slip into those yoga pants and get stretchy. Good for you—seriously! For those of us whose minds are always buzzing, we need to first find our zen. Some like to go the meditation route and if you can find that focus, you should absolutely do it over the weekend. If you can’t sit still that long, do something else that requires no brainpower. Whether it’s organizing your growing collection of funny coffee mugs or going on a long walk, make an effort to unplug and find your zen this weekend. It could be tasks such as gardening, running, cleaning, yoga, or other activities that engage the body, just try a bunch to find what works for you!

Plan Time for Nothing

After a crazy workweek spent cooped up in the office, you’re probably more than ready for a jam-packed weekend full of non-work fun. Even if you want a day dedicated to nothing, you might feel pressured to use your free time to do something productive and fun. Why though? Schedule a few hours on a Sunday or Saturday morning to just do absolutely nothing. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve it.

What Job?

Unless you absolutely have to think about work and work stuff over the weekend—don’t. The to-do lists, upcoming projects, meetings, and awkward hallway encounters with your boss, just shove them to the back of your mind. The weekend is you time, and your main goal should be to forget you have a job and bills. You’ll know it’s working if you have to think for a second when someone asks, “What do you do for work?” Trust us, once Monday rolls around, you’ll feel mentally refreshed, almost like you put your brain on “chill mode” for a couple of days.

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