How to give your home a whole new look with modern lighting methods

Average homeowners do not have unlimited finances and changing the outlook of their homes is almost at the bottom of their to-do life mission list. However, there are certain hacks that can be adopted in order to stun your neighbors with a home remodeling scheme that does not cost a kidney. This includes subtle changes to your home architecture like kitchen renovation, home additions, and basement remodeling. Although, the aforesaid changes can only be appreciated once you enter the house. Another form of giving your home a whole new look is by adopting modern lighting methods, that boost the overall appeal of the house in day time and especially in the night time. is raising general awareness on increasing your home value and appeal, and this post is related to changing the lighting aspect of your home to bump it up on the living and selling scale in the same neighborhood.

House Openings

Windows and roof opening play an important role in using the natural light to light your home and make it an energy-efficient home. Let light come in but use methods to keep the UV rays out which makes the light come in and the heat stays out. Pick out places that you need to enhance in your house and place natural/artificial light strategically so it lights upright, both at day and night time.

Architectural Lighting

Before jumping into technical details, one must understand architectural lightings. Traditionally light sources are placed in the open, directly pointing towards the floor. In architectural lighting the source is concealed and space is illuminated by lighting bouncing of an additional surface like the roof, floor or the wall. This creases an elite ambiance that is difficult to achieve even with expensive lighting and attachments. Therefore, rule #1 should always be to bounce the light at least once!

Warm Lights

White lights have been long associated with hospitals and emergency situations. Therefore, changing all your light sources from white to warm white/yellow is the second rule of thumb. However, if changing all the lights in the house is not an option, then one can always use interior grade paper that muffles white light into one with a warm yellow effect.(Local home improvement contractors)

The Importance Of Outdoor Lighting

The first impression is usually where the house wins style points. Many people negate the requirement of lights on outdoor free home spaces. If you are looking for an instant house renovation fix, then it must include home additions with the help of lights, especially on the curb, walkways and door peripheries.

Generic Checklist For Great Home Lightings

The correct lighting scheme is an art form or complete science and may never be cover in one blog post or even a book. Therefore, we try to sum up the things to do (or don’t) in a checklist that you must go through before you take up a modern lighting project as a part of your home remodeling scheme. The checklist is as follows:

  • Always distribute light equally
  • Always use long-lasting electric equipment (lights, wires, switches, circuit breakers)
  • Use multiple light sources (natural + artificial)
  • Use energy-efficient light sources
  • Go for warm color lights (keep the same theme)
  • Use solar panels for outdoor lights
  • Always bounce light
  • Invest in dimmers
  • Always focus on illuminating important spaces in a better way

Therefore, these little changes can be adopted in order to completely transform your home to a boring old house to a modern masterpiece without changing any of the structural features. Home additions are an expensive commodity; lighting is the short cut to a home renovation project without additional burden on the pocket. Happy Lighting!

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