How to Give Your Old Mac a New Life

Every device comes with a life that varies as per the usage. For instance, if you’re using your Mac daily, it starts to age earlier than the expected time. Thus, when your Mac ages, it can refuse to run websites or applications. Moreover, it may struggle when you try to play games.


The worst part is hanging or slowing down a system as it is annoying. In such a case, a little help from you can make it stick around a little longer. If you have an old Mac that needs replacement because it has slowed down, try the tricks mentioned below to make it work for a while.

Use Optimized Applications

Software developer’s prime objective is to use speedy processors, better RAM and 3D graphics. While this is a perfect idea, it can be disadvantageous to the owners of old hardware.

One of the most convenient options to stop your Mac from ageing is to use age-appropriate software. It means you’ll have to keep yourself from using heavy software such as photo editing and trade with the optimized software instead. For instance, if you’re a Chrome user, it’ll be better if you switch to Safari. Also, make sure that you run a recent macOS release for better results.

Switching to another browser isn’t the only method to improve mechanism. It’ll also help if you switch to iWork, which is an alternative to Microsoft Office. Switching from Evernote and OneNote to Apple’s Notes app is indeed a good option if you don’t use all the features.

Though Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo-editing software, GIMP is a perfect alternative that comes free and performs all the basic editing tasks. In case, GIMP doesn’t fit your needs, you can try using Affinity Photo or Pixelmator Pro.

Make Sure to Keep Some Free Space

It is the most common fix to keep your Mac from slowing down. Thus, you must keep some free space on your Mac. There’s no restricted algorithm about how much space Mac needs to breathe, but it is recommended to keep 10 percent of its space.

Mac informs you whenever you’re about to run out of space. Thus, it is time to get things sorted and delete all unnecessary apps and data.

One thing you can do to avoid your Mac from running out of space is to avoid creating backups for your iPhone and iPad. Use iCloud to do the same. As soon as you load off backups from your Mac, it’ll result in a lot of free space.

Reinstall your Mac

Though everyone opts to buy a Mac for its reliability, it can slow down after years of use. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to give it a new life is by reinstalling the same. It means you’ll have to delete everything and start from scratch. It is advised to create a backup of your Mac before reinstalling. To do the same, press and hold on the R key on your keyboard, while your Mac starts up.

It’ll do a lot of benefit to you and give your Mac a fresh start.

Know When to Upgrade

If your Mac has become old enough and has started to affect your productivity, it’s time to upgrade. If you’re afraid of investing a considerable amount all over again, luckily you can look for second-hand machines. Apparently, it can save you some money.

Apple does offer refurbished programs as well, which means you can buy a Mac that is refurbished by the Apple engineers.

All the methods mentioned above have the potential to make your Mac a bit better at its productivity. Also, it’ll help you stick around your old device for a little longer than expected.

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