How to Golf for Cheap: 5 Tips to Consider

If you go and golf for as cheap as possible, you will still have plenty of options to consider. Here at Penn Oaks Golf Club, we like to get out every now and then and explore new courses and ways of practicing our game. Below, we have prepared 5 tips to consider while trying to go out and get a round of golf for cheap.

Borrow Clubs One of the ways that you can easily start to rack up a lot of expenses for golfing is by buying your own clubs. If you have a set of clubs ready at your buddy’s house and are not quite ready to invest on your own, don’t be afraid to ask to borrow them. As long as you are trustworthy and dependable, your friend should have no issue letting you borrow his clubs.

Get a Part-Time Job on a Golf Course If you are short on funds, you might also have a lot of time to invest. If this is the case, try to get a part-time job on a golf course. More than likely, this job will come with a free round or two along the way!

Just Go to a Driving Range Instead of doing a full 18-holes of golf, did you consider going to a driving range? This can mimic much of the fun that you would receive in a full round at a much lower cost.

Don’t Use a Golf Cart Using a golf cart is affordable if you already own one. However, renting one at the golf course is a way that the course makes money. At the same time, this is also a great way for you to waste money you could otherwise spend on your living expenses.

Go to a Public Course Private golf clubs tend to offer amenities such as being wedding venues in Chester County PA to accommodate private parties and will generally have restricted entry to the public. If you go to a public course, though, you will often be able to access cheap one-time rates.

Ready to Consider Golf Club Membership? If you sign up for a membership at a course like Penn Oaks Golf Club then you will be able to pay an upfront fee and access golfing for a longer period. visit us to learn more about who we are and if we are the best option for your needs.

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