How to Handle a Car Accident That Was Your Fault

If you have been searching around for car accident lawyers in Lancaster PA that can help you after an accident that you believe you are at fault for, it’s important to consider many different factors. To help you out, the people from Georgelis Injury Law Firm have some tips for you to consider below.

Don’t Admit Guilt Right Away As tempting as it can be to be honest and go straight to your insurance company saying that you caused the accident, consider the impacts of doing this. In addition, there might be factors you aren’t considering. If you rear-end somebody after their brake lights failed, for example, then you might not be at fault at all.

Consider Your Local Laws Different states have different laws concerning crashes. If you are unaware of your local laws, then finding one of the best Lancaster car accident lawyers might be in your favor since they can help you navigate the process of working with claims much more efficiently and in a manner that can benefit you the most.

Report the Car Accident If you leave the scene of an accident before police arrive, you can be charged with a hit and run. This will make things a lot more difficult for you down the road when the incident is reported and you are found by authorities. For this reason, don’t be shy to be the first one to call the authorities. This will make you look a lot better.

Consider Your Insurance Policy In certain cases, your insurance company will pay for damages such as repairs, injuries, and so on. However, this heavily depends on the type of insurance policy you have. Look up your insurance policy and see what is covered before you call the claims agent.

Document Everything Right from the moment you get out of the car after the crash to when you call the insurance agent, make sure you have all relevant information ready. This includes pictures of the damage, license plates, contact information, insurance information, and so on.

Need Some Help After an Accident that Was Your Fault? It can be a lot more stressful to get the best possible compensation for an accident that was your fault. If you want to find one of the top Lancaster car accident lawyers, then be sure to keep Georgelis Injury Law Firm in mind. We can help you get the best possible deal with your insurance company.

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