How to Handle Chronic Pain at Work

Before you visit a pain management doctor Raritan NJ, it is important that you know how to carry on with your professional life with chronic pain. The folks here at Performance Pain have come up with the following tips to help you manage your chronic pain while keeping a job.

1. Stand Up for Yourself

One of the most immediate burdens you will face is with your co-workers. Make sure that any time you need to stand up for yourself that are willing to exert the proper level of confidence that helps them understand the situation. Otherwise, it will be easy for people to misinterpret the situation and pass along negative information about your efforts to your boss.

2. Alert Your Boss

The last thing you need to do is keep your chronic pain a secret. People will generally understand. They might even refer you to one of the best pain management doctor Raritan NJ and help you take action on your chronic pain right away. The last thing you should assume, though, is that you will get fired just because of chronic pain.

3.Take More Breaks

If you start to encounter chronic pain while on the job, find a way to rest the sore area as needed. If it means that you need to take more breaks, then so be it! Just do this from an honest and transparent standpoint that aligns with the wishes of your boss.

4. Adjust your Routine Accordingly

Maybe previously you had to lift a box every day as part of your normal routine. Perhaps you also recently developed chronic back pain. A situation like this can be easily taken care of by having somebody else do this for you. Maybe you can also trade for one of their small tasks!

5. Remember that You can Get Through this!

There is a lot of power in self-motivation. As easy as it may be to just shut down and give up, remember that even chronic pain can be managed while at work. Don’t get down on yourself, and remember that with the proper techniques and treatment you will be back to normal in no time!

Remember that Professional Help is Ready at Your Request

If you have been searching for pain management doctors near me, you probably have chronic pain that is severe enough to merit professional help. Therefore, remember that the proper professional help is ready whenever you decide that you need it!


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