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Bosa informed all coaches early, and he would adapt to the training in other places with a private trainer. Bosa has also trained with this coach last year. The excellence performance on the field is obvious. Although the first four games absent have also achieved 10.5 kills, it will eventually pay back the honor of the annual defense.

Sea Eagle Safety Yer – Thomas will return to the competition

After Richard Sherman and Safe Kam Chancellor, the Hawks will finally wait until there is a good news. Safety 卫 厄 e e e e e 因 e 因 卫 因 卫 因 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛 赛

Pet Ting believes this 36-year-old man is the most suitable team. As of this week, he completed a total of 11 passes to reach, only copying 4 times, but the team’s achievements did not improve because McCon’s performance was improved. Relevant persons believe that Brown is always possible to replace the four-point guard, they will continue to encounter the same district in the next few weeks.

Taylor has signed a five-year long approximately 30.75 million US dollars before the season. Although the Bill’s new coach group obviously wants to leave Taylor, they also need to adjust the wage space. The new guarantee will be included in the 2017-18 season.

Thomas is restricted to participate in training on Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday participated in full training. Human Luke, Cheap nfl jerseys Luke Joeckel (Knee), and wireless Michael Wilhoite (calf) unable to play. Duane Brown (ankle) and defensive cutting, Jarran Reed (leg bib), unable to determine possible possible.

“We are of course very disappointed, we know that many people come to watch the game, so we will make sure we take care of all fans who pay here. This is very uncommon to please … At the same time, staying in the league near half a century After that, I have seen such a thing before. This is not common, we will make sure that it will not happen again. “

“We have disappointed with the venue today,” Iries said to reporters. “We will completely check what happened to make sure this is no longer happening. Earlier, alliances and players will check the venue and think that they are suitable for competitions. After some problems related to paint, this is very rare So we will investigate this matter. “

Prespapers and packaging fans are in the name of the famous Hall of Fame, but eventually ushered in this disappointing result. Although the two teams eventually did not appear in the game, Iries said this issue did not cover Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison’s joy of the celebrities.

Bill recombinant Tero Taylor Contract, new sign two full bath

According to Buffalo media report, Bill quarterly Taylor recombinant contract, which reduced its own salary cap ($ 16 million to $ 10 million). The new contract contains a contract of $ 7 million.

In addition, Bill also wants to strengthen the backfinder, and they dig two all over the free market. First, Falcon Tiantai Patrick – Patrick Dimarco, cheap nfl jerseys from china Dimar can only absent 2 games at the Falcon, complete 37th ball; second is the former black Leopard Mike – Mike Tolbert ).

White is Bill 2017 first round, 2017, 2018 performance is very good, and ushered in the previous season. White completed 58 hugs last year, 6 cases, including the CD and the Patriots Nyvon-Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) and Viking Security Wei’an-Harris (Anthony Harris).

Bill and Hengqi Shiite for 4 years 70 million US dollars

US time on Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Bill and 2019 Best lineup level corner Wei Trere Davious White renewed for 4 years, salary reached 70 million US dollars, including $ 55 million security gold.

Pert said: “We have been discussing this topic, McCahn is our first four-point guard at the beginning of the season, he is going to fight because of injuries, now he is back. I know that someone wants the team to first send Manze. But as a coach, my goal is to win the biggest opportunity for the team. “This week, Maiju is absent from the training of local time due to injuries.

Brown Coach: Healthy McCane will be first

At present, Cleveland’s achievements are much lower than those of fans, and the four-defense issues are naturally the focus of arguments. At present, the team arranges the second grade player Johnny Manziel, but the coaching group seems to have different ideas. The head coach Mike Pettine revealed in an interview that if Josh McCsh can stay healthy, he will be expected to be issued next week.

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