How to have a healthy intimate life as a teenager

Sexual experiences are without a doubt a great part of any romantic relationship, but only if the chosen partner is the right one. Otherwise, something that is being expected to be extremely pleasant can actually turn into an unpleasant experience that you will most probably not forget too soon. Therefore, it is essential to know exactly what to do in order to have a healthy intimate life as a teenager.


Learn about safe sex

This is one of the most important things you need to pay special attention to. It is essential to understand pregnancy, whether you are a female or a male. You certainly don’t want to have a child as a teenager, and that’s why you should do everything you can in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Learn about what are the methods that you can try for avoiding getting pregnant as a woman and also for avoiding letting pregnant as a man. Young male teenagers can hire an escort Strasbourg for their first sex experience.

Learn about sexually transmitted diseases

This is also something very important that all teenagers must learn about in order to have a healthy intimate life. They need to know that all types of unprotected sex can easily spread sexually transmitted diseases. You can get a disease like this by sharing fluids with a person who is already infected. It is essential to know that not all the people who have an STD have visible symptoms, and this can definitely be transferred during intimate relations and cause loss of health problems such as female infertility. However, it is mandatory that in case you suspect your partner has had sex with someone else, you get tested.

Learn about condoms

Young men must learn about condoms. These are the most common method of safe sex. Condoms are affordable, very easy to use, and they can protect you from both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. It is important to use them correctly and also to find out what type is right for you. Again, boys can go to a sexy call girl escort for learning some useful things in terms of sex.

The first sex experience

You must decide when you are ready for your first-time sex experience. Don’t do it just because your friends have already done it, do it because you are ready for that and you have also found the right partner. You must avoid sex for the wrong reasons. Sex is absolutely amazing for two people who are in a healthy relationship. They will have fun, experience deep pleasure, and they will also express their connection. Otherwise, if you have sex with a wrong person you will definitely regret it.

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Take your time

Take your time in order to explore each other’s bodies. Foreplay is essential to help you become aroused as well as super comfortable. This is extremely important especially for women, as arousal makes the vagina lubricated. Without good lubrication, penetration will certainly cause significant pain. If you don’t have a partner but you want to get laid, then you can hire a lovely escort from tEscort.

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