How to Hide Applications on your iPhone

Apple offers various customization features and allows its users to manage their applications. You can reorganize your applications on different pages and delete unnecessary applications as per your requirements. However, one of the most missed features from the iPhone was its ability to hide the installed applications or make them private, so it cannot be accessed by anyone else. But the latest iOS 14 has come up with some significant changes when it comes to your application management, especially hiding your apps.

On the iOS 13 version and below, you can access limited features like adding icons to folders and then put them away from your main home screen. But iOS 14 offers more functionality and enables you to remove it entirely from your home screen.

In this article, we will mention how you can hide your applications in iOS 14:

Manage your home screen

Your iPhone’s home screen is always clogged up with multiple applications that you might not use very often. The iOS 14 version enables you to manage your home screen in a much effective way. Once you click on the application you want to hide and enter into the jiggle mode, you can access multiple dots between the dock and other icons. With these dots, you can hide the applications you want.

Search your applications in the “App Library”

As mentioned above, the function can help you hide the unnecessary applications on your iPhone but don’t worry about losing your data as this function does not delete your app. You can access your hidden applications in the “App Library.” Once you enter into the “App Library,” you can see your applications are segmented into different categories.

You can access the applications by tapping on the three large icons, and other applications can be accessed through smaller icons. If you do not want to search your applications via categories, you can directly type the application’s name in the search bar.


With the iOS 13 version or below, keeping your home screen tidy and organized was challenging. There are a lot of applications which we want to hide when somebody accesses our phone. With the points as mentioned above, you can easily conceal your applications. In case if you want to unhide your applications, all you need to do is just drag them out of the folder and place them on your home screen.


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