How to Improve Conversion Rate of an Online Store?

Many visitors come to your online store, but few orders? What is the reason for low conversion?

Maybe you ask for too much information. Or leave visitors alone with a ton of questions. Or they have been looking for the Buy button for a long time. Or…

In search of an answer, you can even tell fortunes on coffee grounds. But there are more effective ways to understand what difficulties your visitors face before closing the page. Fix them and improve the conversion is quite real.

How to increase online store conversion
Let’s figure out why, instead of making a purchase, your site is being shut down. Ideally, the described actions should be done before the store starts. And, perhaps, you have been successfully using some of these points in your activities for a long time. But to increase conversion, implement everything:

Describe scenarios of typical behavior of visitors on the site . Answer the following questions: what should they do, which way to go from the entrance to order confirmation.

Now analyze how visitors view your site , check out 50 or more videos. Do visitors follow your script? If not, then try to understand why. What problems did they have when viewing the site? Where are you late? When did you leave? Work through each visit in detail to better understand your client.
Find at least 3 people who have not previously worked with your site. Plant them near you and give out scenarios of typical behavior. See if they can do everything exactly step by step. What is stopping them?

Where do they slow down or go the wrong way?
For the previous 2 points, make a list of actions that need to be changed in order to increase conversion.

This is a list of problems in your store. Correct them first.

Learn how conversion changes affect your conversion. Using A / B tests, select the best option (if you have several ways to solve the problem) and evaluate its effect on the conversion. If you are also offering coupons than you should must test them.
Made? You are now ready to implement the following recommendations.

1. Add chat to the site
Even if you write down all the specifications, there will always be customers who need to clarify. They doubt whether your product will work in their specific conditions. Recently I bought wireless headphones and saw a lot of reviews asking “Do they work with …?”:

The client parted with hard earned money. And he wants to be sure that he is buying what will work. Therefore, simplify his choice. Make an online consultation on the site.

Between the question and the answer from the example, a day passed. It seems not much. But during this time a person could already forget that he was planning to buy something. Especially if this product is not essential, and somewhere it has old, but still working headphones.

Is the product out of stock? Does it have complex specifications? The visitor is not versed in the product that buys? In these and other cases, online chat will help keep a person on the site and lead them to purchase.

2. Write down the characteristics and description of the goods
There are products that buy immediately. For example, the 7th iPhone or Rolex. A person either already knows everything about these things before the purchase, or simply acquires an expensive brand. But if your product does not belong to the VIP category, write down the main characteristics. Those that influence the purchase.

The more questions a client closes by examining a product card, the more willingly he will buy. Remember, a person needs information to make a decision. Therefore, do not hide it. Do not force to fish out important details.

In addition to the characteristics, add a description. Make it unique for each product, and you will receive more customers from search engines.

3. Add shipping
You are in the city center or 5 minutes walk from the metro. This does not mean that it will be convenient for the client to get to your office. Sometimes he does not have time. Or is he just used to being taken home by him?

The easiest way to increase the conversion of an online store is to add delivery in the city or country. Moreover, now it is easy to do. Use the services of a transport company, they will deliver your goods promptly and inexpensively.

As soon as you solve the issue of delivery, add this information in a prominent place in the product card. The buyer should know that he does not need to change the schedule, build a route to you using the navigator or languish for hours in traffic jam, glancing at the clock – will he have time to close. He will be delivered the goods then and where he will say. It’s convenient!

By the way, according to statistics, the creation of convenient and cheap delivery gives a conversion increase from 30 to 100%.

4. Indicate the benefits of the store in a prominent place.
Now there are a lot of online stores. And the person does not really trust the new seller, whom he sees for the first time. What if you take the money and disappear. Or your product is of poor quality. Or he will order a phone, and a mixer will be delivered to him.

Use one of the practical methods of increasing conversion – add guarantees to the main page, for example, the “AKIT Member” icon. The Association of e-commerce companies will confirm that you are a reliable supplier who will deliver quality goods in a timely manner:

Indicate the benefits of the store in a prominent place

Or write down the main characteristics on the main page. For example, the item “Refund without question” will reassure a customer who doubts the purchase of goods:

5. Add basic elements to the initial screen
Have you noticed how storefronts are designed in offline stores? They are always bright, colorful and interesting. In addition, you immediately see what is sold there (clothing, equipment, medicines) and whether there are seasonal discounts. Your showcase is the first screen.

You will be interested in the buyer – he will continue to study the site. No, he will leave. Show the most popular products or promotional products, add a few competitive advantages. Make the home page informative and concise.

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