How to Improve Performance of an Old iPhone or iPad?

Is your iPhone or iPad too old? Apple and other electronic manufacturers frequently launch new and improved variants of their products. However, not all of us can afford new devices every year to get better speed and performance. Even if some people can afford newly released products, they don’t want to switch their phones frequently just to enhance the speed.

They want to make sure that their device performs optimally. Though, when a phone or tablet gets old, it often becomes sluggish. Gladly, there are ways to boost the performance of an old iPad and iPhone. In this guide, you will learn just that. Let’s begin.


It is a ubiquitous method to fix common glitches and improve performance. Your iPhone or iPad always stays powered on. It barely switches off until the battery runs out. Most users only turn off their device when they need to switch the SIM card. When your device stays powered on for prolonged periods, components like RAM, storage, CPU needs rest for a few minutes. When you switch your device off, all parts go in rest for a while. It can also free up the excessive load on RAM and CPU.

Therefore, you should turn off your device and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, you can switch on your device. This will allow the device and its part to take plenty of rest. You will see a significant boost in the performance too.

Turning Off Eye Candy on iPhone and iPad

When your device gets old, the processing power split into various apps and additional functions. Some built-in graphics may also require a little CPU and RAM resources. By turning off these visual effects, you can boost the device speed. To do so, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Then make your way to the General option.
  3. Head to Accessibility.
  4. First, go to Increase Contrast.
  5. Make sure the Reduce Transparency is switched on.
  6. Go back and click on the Reduce Motion option.
  7. Make sure to turn off the animations.

This will remove the User Interface’s visual effects and animations. As a result, it will decrease the load on the CPU and RAM, which will boost the performance of your old iPhone.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Apps don’t only consume internal storage, but they also consume a lot of RAM if they work in the background.  Many apps work in the background, which increases the load on RAM and CPU. It also leads to insufficient storage that can potentially slow down your device performance. When you uninstall some apps on your iPad or iPhone, it releases a lot of storage space and RAM, leading to a faster device.


Resetting is a usual but powerful approach for optimizing device performance. Also if you notice several technical bugs and problems on your equipment, it is best to wipe the slate clean. After resetting an old iPad or iPhone, the performance can return to the original state. Your device will be as fast as it was used to be when it was new.        By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to improve the performance of your old iOS device.

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Source: How to Improve Performance of an Old iPhone or iPad?

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