How to improve sex life in aging humans

Human aging is unavoidable, and sexual activity declines with age, and physical deterioration, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes often lead not only to libido but also to a significant drop in erectile capacity. Maintaining a healthy sex life also benefits other areas of life, including physical health and self-esteem.

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As a woman ages, her vaginal walls become thinner and harder. Try using lubricant during sexual activity. If that’s not enough, you can also opt for a water-based, unscented product with a moisturizer.

Lack of desire is often associated with relationship problems. It is important to talk freely about sex with your partner. Honesty can relax both parties and is very attractive. Tell your partner how you feel and the sex you want.

Take a hot bath or try a massage. Or try to bond by having extensive contact or kissing first. Regardless of age, it is advisable to explore your body, learn about erogenous zones, and have fun sex with your partner. Don’t give up on your sexual health just because the situation is different. Talk to your partner and find out what you’re comfortable with.

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