How to Improve Your Freight Broker Cold Calling Strategies

A Freight broker is one of those logistics careers that rely a lot on cold calling. To grow your connections, you need to directly contact businesses. Since it’s the first step to your success in these logistics careers in BC, you need to make sure that it is effective.

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Here are some cold calling strategies that can help propel your logistics careers:

Learn more about your leads/market.

Do you know what puts off clients from cold calls? It’s the impersonal approach of it. Many cold callers just read from a script without actually understanding who they are talking to.

So before you contact them, you should learn as much as you can about their business and what they do. This extra step will go a long way in building a solid relationship with potential clients and will also create a lasting impression.

Establish rapport first.

Come up with a good introduction first. Make your potential customers comfortable with talking to you. This way, they will be more amenable to listening to what you have to say.

Know the pains and problems of your leads.

Know the psychology of selling something. People are more receptive to trying services and products if they know that they can help them solve their problems. So, before you start calling, you should first get a better idea of the needs and problems of your potential clients. Once you know them, you can offer solutions to them.

Be specific about your intention for calling.

It can be irritating for potential customers to receive calls and not know what it is about. So, make sure you come up with a script that will help you lay down the services you are offering. Highlight the upsides of getting your services and talk about the benefits of having the help of freight agents, especially for small businesses.

Persistence is key.

Be prepared to be told “no” a lot of times. Rejection is a part and parcel of being in this industry. But to be successful in your logistics careers, you need to develop a thick skin and be okay with accepting “no” for an answer.

However, you should also come up with a good strategy to convince potential clients that they need your service.

Logistics careers in BC will not grow overnight. You need to take it one step at a time. But to gain more success in this industry, make sure you work with the right people. You should consider getting the help of SPI Logistics to get started.

They can help you build a client list and help you learn more about the different tools that you can use to oversee your tasks effectively. You can get their help to become a better and more experienced freight agent.

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