How To Incorporate Hindu Traditions In Your Wedding Invitation Card

There are plenty of options when it comes to wedding card designs, but choosing a particular one between them can be a difficult job for you. Check out some designs here.

If you are among those people who love uniquely designed wedding cards then you must be in a dilemma which design to choose among the numerous designs which are available out there. The most common design would be a symbol of a peacock. Peacocks are quite a popular choice when it comes to wedding invitation card designs. But if you are planning to get other designs on your wedding card, there are plenty of options to choose from. You have to look through all the designs and then you can decide the particular design you will go with.

Indian culture is one of the most beautiful and colorful cultures in the world, so your wedding card must be a perfect blend of both traditions and modern elements.

Popular Hindu Wedding Card Designs For An Unique Look

It is very important to pay attention when making wedding invitation cards. It is very important because these invitation cards are the first thing we give to invite our guests, and the cards also help the guests to understand the theme of the wedding and also the venue and the time of the ceremony.

1. Highly Decorative Cards: If you are planning to go with Hindu wedding card designs it will be a great idea to choose ornate patterns on the cards. This will not only add that beautiful ethnic look but also makes the cards look gorgeous to the guests.

2. Use Of Intricate Designs: Using camels, horses and peacock designs on the cards are quite a trend nowadays. It is always recommended to use bold and vibrant colours like magenta pink or crimson red to make them stand out from the others.

3. Incorporating Musical Instruments: Incorporating musical instruments in the design of wedding cards is now quite common these days. Music gets quite a high respect in Indian culture. If you incorporate music into your card the guests will all be surely in awe.

4. Spiritual Symbol: In India, spirituality is considered to be one of the most important aspects. Many wedding cards in India tend to incorporate spiritual symbols like Shree, Lord Ganesh or even conch symbols. This is not only considered to be very auspicious but also gives a unique touch to your wedding card.

It is advisable to always pay attention to the script that is used to write on the wedding card. Devanagari script is commonly used to give a traditional touch to the wedding invitation card.

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