How To Increase The Productivity Of The Employees With Corporate Wellness Program

The growth of any company depends on the productivity of the employees. When they are able to produce quality materials or serve better in the shortest possible time, then there is no look back for the company. Having the maximum productivity is the dream of any company. However, due to different physical conditions and illness; this dream seems an unreal idea. 

When the employees show poor productivity that means they are not able to give their 100% effort. This is called the presenteeism. Along with that the company’s healthcare expenses can be increased drastically if the presenteeism happens for poor health of the employees. 

Moreover, you just cant track or measure presenteeism and its effect on the financial report while there may be an increment in the medical expense for employees’ health. Surprisingly, most of the companies are unaware of the fact and they don’t have a strategy to counter it while an easy solution is available.

When the companies will go for the Corporate Wellness Program; the scene has been improved in many places and it is a proven fact. There is a visible change in the health behavior in most of the cases.  

 The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI) has conducted a survey on a diverse range of employees from healthcare, insurance and customer care. They asked questions on different topics like their lifestyle, smoking habits, physical activities and dietary habits. Along with that, they collected information regarding their Body Mass Index, cholesterol level, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer, asthma, chronic neck pain, back pain, knee and leg condition and heart attack. They also asked questions on how these physical conditions pose like a barrier to have a good productivity at their workplace.  

Absenteeism due to poor health is a huge cause for poor productivity. There is a huge effect of health behavior on this factor. It has been seen on the same study conducted by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI) that the smoker has the higher rate of presenteeism than the non-smoker. On the other hand, the employees who follow unhealthy diet have more presenteeism than the people who include fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Exercise is another factor that decides the presenteeism among the workers. People who do regular exercise are more active and productive at their workplace than others. 

So, it can be said that the unhealthy lifestyle of the employees has a direct effect on the productivity of the company. It is also responsible for elevating health risk and chronic disease like heart ailments, obesity, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol along with back pain, knee pain and especially depression. 

How does the Corporate Wellness Program help the employees?

In this scenario, only one solution is to uplift the health condition of the employees and correct the lifestyle. For that, the Corporate Wellness Program is designed to counter all the challenges received by the employees. They make them aware of the present conditions and demonstrate them the ways to revive from the present condition. 

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