How to Initiate an Encrypted Chat on Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app comes with end-to-end encryption feature, which means that nobody other than you and the receiver will get to know about your chats. This feature was already there on WhatsApp and Messenger borrowed it from there. The chat encryption feature of WhatsApp makes it better than other chat apps. You can enhance the security of your messages by using chat encryption feature on Facebook Messenger as well. Go through the process given below to chat on Facebook Messenger safely.

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1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app and open the chat that you wish to encrypt. On the chat screen, find the ‘i’ button shown on the top right and tap on it.

2. You will now see a pop up window on the screen that will confirm you about Secret Conversations. If you agree with the given terms, tap the ‘OK’ button given on the bottom section.

3. After you touch the OK button, the Secret Conversation mode will be activated on your device. It will open a whole new chat window than the one you use regularly. The messages in this chat window will be encrypted end to end between the receiver and sender.

Facebook took the lesson from WhatsApp and enhanced the security of Messenger because of trust issues between users and Facebook. There is a dedicated black lock icon right next to the display picture of the user you are conversing with, in the secret conversation chat window. It ensures that your chats are secured and you don’t need to worry about privacy.

In other news, Facebook also recently announced a digital wallet subsidiary known as ‘Calibra’. With this, the social media giant would launch Blockchain-powered cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ for its users. This step is mainly for those who own a mobile phone but don’t have a bank account. The ‘Libra’ digital wallet will be there in the dedicated app, along with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

For creating this new currency, Facebook has joined hands with 27 different organizations worldwide. The organizations include payment companies such as Visa, Stripe, PayU, Paypal and Mastercard and other renowned services such as Uber, Spotify, Lyft, Farfetch, eBay, and Booking.

Users can send ‘Libra’ currency to everyone through their smartphone, with the use of ‘Calibra’. It is not only trying to keep your information safe but also your money. So, wait for 2020 for a better overview or to use this currency.

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