How to Install a Large Wall Mirror

Once the order has been placed and it has been delivered, there are a few things you will need to consider if you want to install it safely. First, check the large wall mirror for frames around the mirror. If the frames are in place, make sure there are solid screws on both sides of the frame. You’ll need to thread some photo wire from one end of the screw to the other end and secure the ends of the wire firmly. If there is no frame on the mirror, you will need to put mirror clips in place.

Before you buy a full length wall mirror decide which wall you want to hang it on. Use your pencil to mark a spot on the wall exactly in the center of the mirror. You will need to mark two points to hang the mirror. Mark the points with a level. As you mark the dots, make sure they are slightly above the screws. After marking the dots with an electronic dowel detector, find out what is behind the dots. If there is a dowel, make a pilot hole with a drill that is smaller than the diameter of the wood screw.

If you can’t find a stud behind the wall, use toggle bolts. You will need to follow a special technique for this. Once the head of the screw is tight against the wall, unscrew it to run the picture wire around the head of the screw. If there is drywall behind the marks you made with a toggle bolt, attach the wall mirror clip to the wall. Never tighten the clips if the mirror is not in the desired position. When you buy a mirror, you can ask the store to send someone to help you install it. This will make the job of installing the mirror easier.

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